I might be the only person on this planet who does not love sundays, but I really don’t. Even as a child facing nasty monday
dictations I couldn’t stand this boring sunday. My sister slept till noon, my dad was lost in classical music and my mom was busy
with godknowswhat. So it was just me, my boredom and my Lego bricks. 20 years later I’m still no sunday lover – maybe it’s


MOA Mug c/o fromaustria // H&M Rings (similar here

… because actors don’t have a typical 5-day-week (we tend to work on sunday), they even don’t have typical holidays. There are only
two official holidays for actors: Christmas Eve and Good Friday. To cope with my unloved weekday I try to make it as cosy as possible. 
On sundays I’m visiting my local bookshop (thank god they’re open!), browsing through thousands of magazine, buying just one, get 
back home and sit down with a cup of tea served in my favourite mug. hoping that this day somehow inspires me. What about you? 
What’s your sunday rituals? Because sundays are the best days to browse through online shops – why not browsing through mine?


I love sundays !! I have great plans today: in few hours I will be enjoying a seafood paella in front of the sea, surrounded by close friends :)

XX Luba

Girly look with neoprene skirt, today on

Oh, dieses Gefühl kenne ich so gut! Ich habe Sonntage auch sehr lange alles anderes als geliebt, das waren irgendwie immer so total trostlose Tage. Erst in den letzten Tagen hat es sich das geändert und mittlerweile finde ich Sonntage ganz in Ordnung, auch wenn mein absoluter Lieblingstag immer noch der Freitag ist :)

Meine Sonntagsrituale? An Sonntagen gehe ich mit meinem Mann jetzt irgendwo hin zum Kaffeetrinken, dann folgt ein langer Spaziergang, egal bei welchem Wetter und abends koche ich was Gutes für unsere Familie.

Wünsch Dir von Herzen einen erträglichen Sonntag!

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

at / least said...

I love Sundays, it’s the only day of the week where you possibly have time (after doing things like cleaning, grocery shopping etc. on Saturday) for yourself ;) The only bad thing is that it’s about to be Monday again :D


Laura said...

Waaas? Wie kann man den schönsten Tag der Woche denn nicht mögen? :-D Auch dein kleines Sonntagsritual hört sich doch ganz entzückend an!

Mihaela said...

We’re supposed to love sundays, but sunday, for me, is the day for studying usually because I do nothing at saturday..
However, great photos! Enjoy your sunday ;)


Nesiiiii said...

Also bei mir gehört der Sonntag meinen Mädls :) da wird schon mal der Ehemann links liegen gelassen hihi
Knutsch N.
Sleepless In Highheels

Even though you hate Sundays, this sounds like a great Sunday ritual to me. Mines is to sleep as much as possible, lazy around in pajamas all day, drink lots of tea, watch a movie or two, read a little, browse the internet for a while and before I go to bed I’ll take the time to pamper myself with a mask or something. Really relaxing! I love Sundays. ;)


I love saturdays but not sundays. I’m sitting now and thinking what I need to do tomorrow and I’m sick already.
P.S. Love your rings!

Sundays are where I do all my studying and relax. I love the pictures! Great job.

Tine said...

So ähnlich siehts bei mir auch aus… ausser im Winter, da findet der Sonntag eigentlich immer auf zwei Brettern statt :)

Birgit said...

I can relate to having no typical 5-day-week and holidays…as a journalist ;D

Q said...

Well… you know how much I LOVE Monday’s!!… Sundays are family days for me…. I chill and think of all the things I hope to accomplish in the new week!

There is nothing better than a cosy sunday, I totally admid. Too bad that these day too rare :(
Ahoi from Hamburg, Sophie

Katerina said...

Also ich liebe Sonntage gerade aus dem Grund weil hier alles entschleunigt ist im Gegensatz zu den restlichen Tagen!
Das ist übrigens eine tolle Teetasse, volle Die mit dem kleinen Schlitz für den Teebeutelfaden, der rutsch mir nämlich des öfteren beim eingießen des heißen Wassers in die Tasse ;)


KMG said...

Wow, es gibt tatsächlich mehr Menschen, die Sonntag nicht mögen! Find ich super. Gerade in dem Moment, wo man sich gesammelt hat und wieder loslegen möchte….. ist Sonntag. XD LG aus Salzburg :)

Arden said...

Indeed! Those are some gorgeous rings, and a sweet cup of tea. xx

Anna said...

cosy Sundays are my favourite days, but those Sundays when i have to do lot of work and still know it’ll be even worse on Monday… duh.