inspiration is the main tool you have to have as an artist. it’s your wings. if I don’t feel inspired it’s like I’ve run out of gas (if I were a car) and I just stop. or as people say: standstill is letal. if you don’t go forward you go backwards. to avoid that I’m trying to find inspirations in everything.
E.g. I love to observe! If you ever see me staring at you in the metro or in a café: Trust me, I’m just working and you might be part of my studies.

The bad thing about being a busy (self-employed) bee is that I hardly have time/allow myself to recharge my batteries and feed my passion. So in order to stay inspired I made up 3 little helpers/guidelines that became my mantra:
1. observe a lot
2. try new things every day & try to avoid daily routines
3. get new impressions. wherever you can (yes, Instagram counts)

So I invented the inspirational hour as my personal time off. just sit down for one hour and flip through books, magazines, catalogues. whatever comes into your hands. all the pictures will feed your imagination and it’s like a gas refill (if I were a car). I like to take notes while reading and as you all know I love making Moodboards (in 3D or just on a piece of paper)! But my main source of inspiration is without a doubt TRAVEL. As a result buying foreign magazine at the airport shop is my personal geyser of inspiration! What is yours? Where do you get inspirations from?


Veronica said...

Ciao! Questo post è interessante…anche io osservo sempre tutto quando vado in giro (persino quando vado a fare la spesa :P); traggo ispirazione da vari blog e riviste, sia per quello che riguarda l’arredamento che il look.

Portia said...

I absolutely love the idea of devoting an hour to inspiration. To me the best inspiration comes from magazines, Instagram and long walks doing nothing but wandering.

Viktoria said...

amazing photos! love this post!

Katharina said...

Ein schöner Post. :) Und schöne Fotos. Mir fällt es mitunter auch schwer unheimlich schwer
mir freie Zeit zu gönnen und abzuschalten. Meist ertappe ich mich dabei wie ich versuche “nebenher” noch
irgendetwas zu erledigen. Nieder mit dem blöden Multi-Tasking …
Liebe Grüße nach Wien,
Katharina // katinka

For me I always find that just disconnecting from the online world is a good place to start. Although I find loads of inspiration from Pinterest, blogs, Instagram etc etc etc… it’s when I’m outside experiencing something new and surrounded by like-minded people that I come up with the best ideas and feel most inspired.

Absolutely love these pictures. Magazines, flowers and a hot drink are pretty much my idea of perfection.