ACNE – Pistol Boots (budget here)

From an early age on I was used to writing wishlists. Nothing has changed so far just: twenty years ago I wrote it for Santa, now I do it
for myself. Actually I’ve got two wishlists:

The Virtual Wishlist
packed with all the imaginary temptations popping up on the web.
My top 3 at the moment: SENSO Julia Sandals / a KARA Bag / another pair of Wangs

The Handwritten Wishlist
got this handwritten list in my notebook. This list mostly contains of pieces that
I really need, like chunky knits for winter or basic tops for summer.

Thx to my lists I’ve always an eye on what’s missing in my closet. what do I really need and what is pure desire? More about my wardrobe balancing in this article. However, I’ve been lusting for the Acne Pistol Boots for quite a while now (1,5 years to be precise) just because the simplicity of these black leather boots goes with almost everything! Finally I was able to get myself a pair. The moment when you receive something you’ve wanted for so long is a very special moment!! What are your wishlist canditates?

Antonia said...

Ohja, so ein tolles Gefühl. Und die Acne Pistol Boots wirst du lieben :) Viel Spaß damit!

Ooooh die sehen echt klasse aus! Haben genau die richtige Absatzhöhe und sind so schlicht und elegant wie deine Looks!

Theri said...

this Acne Pistol Boots are on top of my wish list for years now and I really hope to get my hand on a grey version as soon as possible!

Love, Theri – http://www.theriswardrobe.com

Juli said...

Acne pistol boots are a must! Unfortunately I can’t afford these beauties, but I found similar ones in Vagabond about 2 years ago. :))

Daniella said...

A purchase you won’t ever regret! They are timeless and awesome :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Melissa said...

It is funny you mention the wish list, I am the same way I actually love any type of list, to do list, wish list, didn’t get done list, travelling list, grocery list and the list goes on ;)
I tried those acne boots and another style but both didn’t fit me properly (which I was quite disappointed) my ankle feels to small for their sizing and weight but I Am sure it will look very good on you xx

Jenny said...

On my wishlist too.. Enjoy them! XX

Lorna said...

Awww those boots They look beautiful!

Sara Nielsen said...

These boots is amazing! I also writes lists myself. I think almost every fashion blogger writes list in some way – Some in their blog post as a monthly wishlist, others in a small notebook. Personally I do both!