Jil Sander Plateau Brogues | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Jil Sander Plateau Brogues | VIENNA WEDEKIND

we love them, our feet love them and the fashun bizz loves them that’s why flats are here to stay!! after sliding, flip floping and espadrilling through summer it’s time for our toes to take some shelter. sturdy footwear that is. So I thought why not doing a little mini series and introduce you to this season’s best flats. Let’s start today with BROGUES*!

According to master google the exact definition of a Brogue is „a sturdy, low-heeled walking shoe, often with ornamental perforations“. Ok, those beautiful Jil Sander Brogues have more creeper-like plateaus than a classic low-heel but they are damn sturdy and there’s definitely a lot of perforations going on. Somehow it reminds me of a knight’s armour and armour is definitely something our feet need to defend the cold. Did I mention they are superduper comfortable? And that they go with everything, from tailored wool pants to skirts to easy denim!?
What about you – are you brogueing with me? How would you style them?


*next flats will be up next tuesday // all shoes in this mini-series were borrowed from Mytheresa.com
Theresa said...

Those are gorgeous! I totally love brogues and would wear those with basically everything. :)


Leonie said...

Ah these are perfect! I can never have too many pairs.

Great photography too! (as always…) :-)