New Year Resolutions (c) VIENNA WEDEKIND

With the new year the resolution mania is on. I believe the desire of an annual reset button is in our genes, we just can’t help ourselves but long for a fresh start and leave all bad habits behind us. While the majority is rushing in alibi resolutions (the classics like lose weight/quit smoking/getting organized ) I try to keep myself away from empty promises and break my 2015 goals down to four achievable mantras:

– drink more water
– read all untouched & unfinished books
– care less
– allow yourself regular time-outs

As certified workaholic I might struggle with number 4 (and 3) but at least I have my 1,5l water bottle right beside me and start the mantras right away. Just like Charles Sheldon said “Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.”
Now it’s your turn! Do you have any resolutions? What will be the trickiest one? I wanna hear them all!
PS. thx to Sebastian for creating the most beautiful Calendar!

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Naida said...

Love your resolutions…

Viktoria said...


Mathilde said...

Nö, eindeutig Nr. 2. Das ist doch mal ein Plan. Es müssen ja nicht gleich alle Bücher sein, aber ein paar der ungelesenen Schätze können schon mal gewürdigt werden.