After all the cookies, mulled wine & raclette indulgence it’s time to move my ass and get back on track with my sports routine. May it be cycling, running or youtube fatburning (addicted to Jillian Michaels – I’ve never sweated so much in my life) nothing is more liberating and de-stressing than a workout. Topped off with daily sit-ups and lots of nasty detox tea I hope to be back in the zone asap… #fingerscrossed

Especially as fulltime blogger my lazy, web intoxicated homeoffice butt needs to be kicked constantly otherwise I’ll end up looking like a barbapapa. But it’s not all about the beach body – I don’t believe in this religion – sport just makes me feel good & sleep better so I guess it’s time for blood, sweat and tears again. Who’s with me?

clockwise:  EQUA Water Bottle // AVÈNE Eau Thermale Spray // NIKE Sport Top // LA PRAIRIE Shower Gel //
ALEXANDER WANG x H&M Gym Shorts (similar here) APPLE  Ipod // NONAME Dumbbells // VAGABOND – Sneakers

Oroma R. R. said...

I had to google that word, “barbapapa”. Ha! I hope I don’t look like one when January comes to an end. I’ve got exams this month and can never concentrate on studying except when my mouth is moving. I’m trying to work out during revision breaks but all I seem to do is lie down under my covers. Sigh.

Lali said...

Same here. :D

Ich habe auch wieder mit dem Sport gestartet :)

Darf ich erfahren woher du die schöne Wasserflasche hast? in wien gekauft?

alles liebe leonie-rachel

    Hey du Liebe! Ich habs von MyEqua direkt bekommen, vor ca 2 Jahren. schau auf ihre Homepage, da findest du die Flasche bestimmt!

Lindsey said...

Definitely need to start! Thanks for sharing!

iceyyy said...

Which detox tea are u using?

    hey girl – I’m sipping the Detox Tea from Kusmi and a Herbal Mix from my local Pharmacy! *