Grown Alchemist | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Grown Alchemist | VIENNA WEDEKIND


After years with a non existing beauty routine I suddenly find myself having freshly brewed skin rituals that involve not only my fab 5 products but also the best facial cleanser on planet earth! I have no words for the greatness of this product, this cleanser is just king. I used to use face wipes before, which removed the make up nicely but contained way too much chemicals.

This gel now does the trick with much less chemicals read its vegan and it smells like a rose lemonade served on an Australian Beach. YES I would eat it if I could… As you may have guessed I’m obsessed with this Skin Alchemy and I’m really hard to impress when it comes to beauty stuff. I hate to say but the Aussies just know it better…

Alnis said...

Wir lieben die Produkte von Grown Alchemist, besonders toll ist die Handcreme und die Facial Moisturiser, mit Camellia und Geranium Blossom.
Lieben Gruß