Ponchahontas | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Ponchahontas | VIENNA WEDEKIND

PONCHOEdited the Label

Breaking News: The waist is back! Belted midriffs are gracing the runways of various European fashion capitals and they’ll takeover our #ootd‘s any minute. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda feel prepared. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the classic jacket & belt combo (although I wouldn’t mind owning this belt perfection…) to accentuate your waistline: a Poncho will also do the trick! Just wrap/bind/tie your way to the highly coveted X shape.
ps: Ponchos are perfect for transition period: you can easily hide heaps of knits underneath…

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Barbara said...

Ich mag den Titel zum Post sehr gerne :-) Der Poncho ist auch wirklich schön!!

Viktoria said...

great piece!


Bella said...

Looove this! This would be such a great way to spicen up a basic outfit.