Scented Candles | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Scented Candles | VIENNA WEDEKIND

Shame on me for I was thinking that scented candles were overrated and, besides expensive, nothing special. This time I was wrong. There are candles for every budget and now that I got this olfactoric trio geniale I can definitely say: they smell like heaven and are worth every penny. And they aren’t even lit (I probably won’t ever lit them…ermm)!

You are right, the Dipyque might be overpriced but it really smells amazing + you can plant hyacinths into the glas afterwards. If that doesn’t convince you, the candle from & Other Stories is a great, budget friendly alternative! Love the rose scent! Or if you wanna go for something new, try the Skandinavisk RO – it’s my absolute favourite right now! What I would also like to try is the Tom Dixon Candle. What about you? Any other recommendations?

Alnis said...

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Diptyque und besonders von den Kerzen, sie duften einfach wundervoll!
Was für geschmackvolle Schere!
Liebe Grüße

Minnja said...

Ich liebe Duftkerzen, ich muss immer welche in der Wohnung haben und oft gebe ich dafür viel Geld aus. Danke für deine Kerzen-Tipps <3 Ich werde auf jeden Fall danach Ausschau halten.

Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt
Minnja –

Leonie said...

I have had a few candles like these and never lit them (at first…), but felt like they weren’t providing a whole lot of scent around the room. I haven’t tried the brands you own though, so perhaps that’s worth a try. Do you have a favourite among the 3?


    my current favourite is the RO from Skandinavisk – it smells amazing!

Lys said...

I love that one by & Other Stories too! A while back I also discovered the Crisp Cotton candle from H&M Home. It smells amazing, lasts long and it only costs €10, so it’s a great low-budget option!

Ohh alles tolle Exemplare! Ich habe eine von Rituals und bin immer noch hin und weg. Die war auch vom Preis her noch okay. Dann steht auf meiner Wunschliste noch eine Byredo Duftkerze – da kann ich mich aber leider überhaupt nicht entscheiden, weil alle so toll riechen!

Liebe Grüße,

Hi beauty! I became a candle lover this year. My favorites for the moment are of course Dipyque, but Rituals jasmin flower and Beach Wood from Yankee Candle are amazing as well.

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Bests xxx

Emily said...

I’ve still never actually tried any candles from Diptique although I would definitely love to! I absolutely love candles, but I’ve found myself leaning more towards fragranced tarts in my tart burner recently, so I can chop and change the scent as often as I would like. One of my favourite scents though is Jo Malone’s Sage & Sea Salt or Yankee’s Fireside Treats! Great post x

emily x ❤ | emilyloula

Charlotte said...

I love candles, especially scented ones, but I have this irrational fear I will forget to put them out and will set the house on fire!!