8 Ways to De-Stress | VIENNA WEDEKIND
8 Ways to De-Stressed | VIENNA WEDEKIND
8 Ways to De-Stressed | VIENNA WEDEKIND

At the moment I’ve got a 6-day week, juggling two jobs at the same time: I’ve got theatre rehearsals from 11:00-15:00 and 18:00-22:00 and in between I try to keep up with the blog bizz and all the appointments, interviews, emails, shoots etc.. Although I’m a workaholic and really love my job(s) I need some time to relax every now and then. Here are my tips on how to clear your head and de-stress:

1. SHAKE IT OFF. That’s a tool we use at the theatre to get rid of all the tension. Shake your body as much as you can, wiggle your arms and legs, make funny noises with your lips (like a horse). It looks ridiculous but is very useful. And fun!

2. MOVE IT. Whether you like it or not, working out is one of the best ways to give your brain a break, boost your energy and make yourself feel good. Even if you still have sorrows or endless to-do lists you can at least say: I did something good for my body!

3. COOK SOMETHING NEW. Nothing is more calming than preparing and cooking ueber complicated dishes! If it tastes good and you get some compliments you’ll forget work in a heartbeat.

4. WATCH DOCUMENTARIES. I’m a movie/series nerd and that’s not only because of my job as actress. You can ask me anything about amazing tv-series and the best documentaries, I’m a junkie. While I can’t watch movies like you guys (I’m always analysing, thinking about the cuts, special effects and how the actors perform…) watching a good documentary is a pure stress killer for me. You’ll get new information, inspiration and energy out of it. MY RECOMMENDATION: The Jinx

5. EXPLORE THE CITY (in a no future way). If I’m really really stressed out I tend to grab my camera, leave the house, buy a bottle of my favourite fruit juice (no alcohol haha) and just wander around the city. I try to imagine that this is my last day on earth and focus on the unseen, the most beautiful places. The fact that there’s so much interesting things out there, so many untold stories keeps me going and inspires me every time. Plus: It makes me happy, that it’s actually not the last day ;)

6. MAKE HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM. Put frozen berries & cream (vanilla sugar is optional) in a blender and eat the whole bowl!!

7. TAKE A BATH. Grab your favourite bathing essence and read an article or a book you always wanted to read.

8. LAUGH HARD. It’s not easy to make yourself laugh hard when you are stressed out, but if you can accomplish that you’ll have found the Nr. 1 stress killer: laughter & love. Ignore your to-do lists and mails for one second because all that matters is happiness and it will help you get over any pain and sorrow. Sounds like a grandma tip but it’s the truth.

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Natali said...

Great post! I do all of these things at least inside one week, two when I’m being “lazy” and it def. helps to feel less stressed out.


Sunny said...

I love all of those but THE JINX gave me anxiety and nightmares haha.

      Sunny said...

      Seriously creepy – really good series.

This is perfect! Love the pictures too! :)

Jeffrey Chung

Aneta said...

I’m usually relaxing in the bath while reading a book. I totally understand you.. I do have a lot of stuff to do also, and it is important to find a time to relax, otherwise I’ll go crazy :)

Thanks for you tips!


Great tips! I will have to try the “go into the city as if it’s the last day on earth thing”. :)

Xin said...

Love your simplicity in your photos and your blog! Love it so much!! Definitely will try your ways to clear my head next time, haha!