Hamlet Wiener Lustspielhaus | VIENNA WEDEKIND

Today is the big day: after 2 months of preparations and rehearsals, our play (Hamlet that is) has its premiere tonight…
It’s like giving birth – you watch your character grow and become more and more real. Then the moment when you stand in the limelight, knee-deep in emotions, and you feel the tension in the audience and you hear them laughing & clapping. This moment is priceless and makes me forget all the blood, sweat & tears throughout the rehearsals.

However, I love to entertain you and if you happen to be in Vienna the next 6 weeks and want to see me play (and sing!) you can get your tickets here. Hope to see some of you at the theatre. Meanwhile keep your fingers crossed for tonight, peeps!

Photo by Felicitas Matern

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