Agent Provocateur Swim | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Agent Provocateur Swim | VIENNA WEDEKIND

Although I’m suffering from a girly colour allergy, there are 2 kinds of pink that are always welcome in my live, both starting with an A:
Acne Studios & Agent Provocateur… This time the pale pink box comes straight from Lingerie Heaven, containing the best simple yet
special swimwear pieces I could think of. Can’t wait to wear this bikini on my holiday. Less than a month to go go….

AGENT PROVOCATEUR Dakotta Bikini Top & Bottom (similar here)

Jasmin said...

Bei den hübschen Agent Provocateur Verpackungen werde ich auch ganz schwach. Einmal bin ich mir ganz lustig vorgekommen, als ich bei irgendeinem Kirchenkonzert (Schöpfung, glaub ich?) mein Konzertkleid im AP-Sackerl transportiert hatte. Ich glaub der Pfarrer hatte allerdings nicht verstanden worüber ich mich so amüsiere :)

Kali P. said...

At the moment it seems usual to give bikinis to bloggers.
Funny thing. If a man gave some to a woman it would mean he just wants to see her undressed.
What does it mean if companies do?

Kali from Miss Bellis Perennis

Louise said...

Stunning photo I really love the pink, no allergy from me ;) Same it’s still Winter here :( Wishing for warmer weather soon and faster <3 Long summer nights, beach, and just fun!! Anyways thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always try my best to return the support! <3


Angelo said...

I really like this outfit! Good day and good week!