6 things to do this Fall…

5 things to do in Fall | now on viennawedekind.com

1. Visit a new exhibition and get inspired
My tip: The Joel Meyerowitz Retrospective at the Kunsthaus Vienna

2. Book a trip to a new place or country
I love to discover places where I’ve never been before. Next up: Zurich! Can’t wait to explore this city…

3. Watch at least 3 movie classics you’ve never seen before
High on my must-watch list: Swimmingpool, Annie Hall, Some like it hot

4. Clean out your closet
Fall is the best time to update your wardrobe and get rid of things you barely wear. Thanks to Fleamarkets, Vestiaire or Tictail you can
earn some extra cash with your preloved pieces and spend it shamelessly on your Fall Cravings

5. Write a postcard to a stranger
Wanna receive one? Drop me a mail with your address → viennawedekind@hotmail.com

6. Do something good
There are endless possibilites to do something good you just have to get up and do it! You could walk with shelter dogs, read books to
elderly people, pick up waste in your neighbourhood, volunteer at a service for homeless people or help feel refugees welcome. 3,2,1 – go!

annika said...

Danke, danke, danke, endlich eine intelligente Blogger-Bucketlist! Wenn ich noch auf einem Blog lese “Diesen Sommer wollen wir ganz viel Kokos-Eiscreme selber machen und uns danach bestickte Espadrilles kaufen”, kündige ich mein Internet.
Ich fand die Lee-Miller-Ausstellung in der Albertina toll, weiß aber nicht, ob die noch läuft.

Barbara said...

Fantastische Liste, ich werde mich definitiv bemühen, ein paar der Punkte abzuhaken. Finde nämlich, dass annika recht hat :-)

Love your #5 on the list! Whatever happened to the good ol days of penpals? Don’t be surprised if I shoot you an email with my addy! ;)

The Marcy Stop

Nadya said...

I love the idea of the fifth one.

Kali P. said...

Schöne Liste, nur sind einige Dinge davon für mich demnächst schwierig. Ich tue was komplett anderes: ich werde studieren :D
Kali von Miss Bellis Perennis

    Ach bestimmt kannst du trotz Studiums einige Punkte ausprobieren! Viel Spass!