Jensen Boots, The perfect Ankle Boots | more on #acnestudios #jensenboots
The perfect Ankle Boots! | more on #acnestudios #jensenboots

Usually I’m not the person who buys in bulk but after I finally found the perfect ankle boots last year I had to get a second pair in Suede… Don’t say I haven’t warned you! But sometimes it’s just better to think twice or as my Mom used to say: Never change a winning team!

ACNE STUDIOS Boots (similar here // classic version here // budget here)


Ahhh I need the Acne Jensen Boots. They are the perfect pair with the perfect heel and the perfect pointyness! Love them in suede as well – great choice!

Sophie xx

Maria said...

It’s really perfect!

Lizzy said...

I love them so much! I have been umming and ahhing over getting a pair for so long – would love to know which you would recommend between suede and leather once you’ve worn the suede ones a little bit?

Ana said...

Love them both, although I bet the leather might last better through the winter than the suede!

Good shout on buying the 2 pairs thouhg, your mum is right!

Ana x

Ruth said...

Die Schuhe sind ja auch einfach schön!
Wobei ich sagen muss, dass mir die Pistol Boots noch besser gefallen :)
Liebste Grüße