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With the new year in our hands and lots of blank pages, it’s time to reflect on the past (what made me proud? What happy? What went wrong?) and make plans for the future. I don’t really like classic New Year’s Resolutions because they often last shorter than a carton of milk but there are a couple of things I would like to focus on in 2016:

Don’t let the pressure get to you
As a fashionblogger you get a lot of amazing stuff, see a lot beautiful people and places and the constant researches on Net A Porter & Co makes your wishlists endless. Sometimes im really confused and overwhelmed by all the style options out there and I kind of forget who I really am and what i like to wear. Because it’s a big difference between what I like (on other people) and what I like to wear myself.

Although I think I have a clear visual language on the blog & on my Instagram I struggle from time to time. Sometimes when a great brand sends me some stuff, I don’t want to disappoint them although the piece might not be 100% me. That’s why I’m often setting myself under pressure to make everyone happy, be a great source of inspiration and constantly provide you with new styling ideas (what i really love btw!). This year I won’t let all the pressure get to me and I will keep wearing pieces that reflect how I feel and who I am (just like on the picture). Even if it’s white sneakers & denim for the 3rd time in a row…

Push Yourself
I try to workout 2-4 times a week, I really need this to clear my head and to keep balanced. This year I would really like to work with a personal trainer, just to push myself further and go to the limit. If you know one (or even better: you ARE a fitness coach) please drop me a mail…

No more working in Sweatpants! To be honest it’s easy to hide in the office in the most comfy clothes (especially when you have to dress up quite often for shoots and appointments) BUT I will try to change that and pull myself together, even in front of the computer.
Another thing is that I must allow myself more regular time-outs and proper weekends: Tea, netflix, a hot bath, museum visits, lighting my favourite candles, a long walk, exploring the city – it’s doesn’t take much to relax and recharge the batteries. A relaxed mind is the only way to creativity and inspiration.

What are your plans for 2016? Leave me a comment and tell me all about your challenges for the next 12 months!

ZARA Knit (similar here) // TOPSHOP Jeans // MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag (budget here) // A.P.C. Sneakers // ELS & NEL Journal 2016

Fee said...

Das sind wirklich schöne Vorsätze, meine sehen dieses Jahr ganz ähnlich aus :)

Alles Liebe,
Fee von Floral Fascination

Angie said...

Hi Carola! I love your chick simple outfit as well as your intentions for the 2016!
I just created a challenge about establishing a habit about health & fitness. I went over excited and I’m looking forward to it this January 11th.
I also went crazy last December about planners I bought 5! I guess I don’t want to pass any moment I of this year not doing what I love. Btw, I laugh my ass off when I read about no more sweatpants I thought you had a hidden camera at my place since I’m just like that.

Thxs for the post, cheers,

P.S. I’m a certified strength trainer ;)

Lizzy said...

Great post, I can really relate to your first point! It can be so overwhelming in this industry at times!

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