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As a photographer my life consists of images. I’m not only talking about the personal editorials or Instagram snaps that I’m serving you on a daily basis. As a photophile person literally everything is a potential picture, an inspiring memory. That’s why I always carry a camera with me and I’m constantly overexcited when I’m travelling to new places or fashion weeks. You’ll see me binge snapping and camera spinning like a maniac (yes, I’m the one crawling on the floor to take close-ups)!

As much as I love my reflex camera I needed a handy travel companion for all the spontanious showroom visits, weekend adventures and fun moments in life, where you don’t wanna carry tons of equipment with you. That’s why I went for the Olympus PEN E-PL7 and it’s uber chic accessories. Because a good-looking camera bag is no longer a wishful thinking and being an organised photophile person hast just become real. Seems like having Pen Friends is a whole lotta fun…

OLYMPUS Pen Camera // Camera Bag // Leather Shoulder Strap

In collaboration with Olympus

muenzeeins said...

waouh this camera bag is incredible!! never would have guessed that it was one from the first pic’, love it!!

Lys said...

It’s so cool that Olympus are selling these pretty camera bags! I would’ve never guessed it was by a camera brand

    I can absolutely recommend it! Very easy to handle and great quality.

MIRJAM said...

Hab mir die Tasche gleich auch beim Kauf der Pen zugelegt – sie ist einfach mal eine richtig schöne Kameratasche und hat super Platz für ein zusätzliches Objektiv!
x. Mirjam

Ina Nuvo said...

Ich bin auch am überlegen, ob sich eine PEN lohnt! So ein kleines, schickes Kamerachen zum Alltagsshooten wär schon was Feines :)

Viele liebe Grüße
Ina •