Wardrobe Detox - how to do it successfully | More on #vestiairecollective
How to detox your Wardrobe | More on #vestiairecollective
How to detox your Wardrobe | More on #vestiairecollective
How to detox your Wardrobe | More on #vestiairecollective

I love a good Wardrobe Detox – not only for Spring. I try to do a closet clean-out several times a year because it keeps my wardrobe organized and balanced. Beside the fact that it makes me happy (yes, call me a closet nerd), selling my pre-loved stuff also brings some extra money for the new season wishlist. Here are my Tipps on how to successfully manage a Wardrobe Detox and prepare your closet for spring:


Plan enough time (for example a rainy sunday afternoon) to go through your closet. Turn on some good music and make some space for the cleanout (e.g. the Bed or the Floor). Make sure you have enough boxes, trash bags and cleaning material. Let’s get started!

Step 2 // SELECT

Pick a category (e.g. Knitwear) and take everything out of your closet. Examine every single item. Does it have stains? Holes? Loose threads? Is it dirty? Too big? Too small? How often do you wear it? Do you really need 5 Blazers? Then put it on one of these piles:

Keep // Maybe // Sell (e.g. on Vestiaire Collective) // Donate // Trash // Tailor & Cleaning

Repeat that with every category. Important is to touch and look at every single piece. That makes it easier to choose a pile!


Put everything you still love back into your closet. If you haven’t done it before I suggest you to group everything in categories & colours, for example Knitwear/ dark Tops / light colours/ Jeans / Dresses… That makes it much easier to keep track on your „stock“.
Put the „Maybe“ pieces either on the Sell pile (that’s what I try to do) or in a special box. Next time you do a cleanout try to guess what’s in that box. Pieces you have forgotten by then, go straight onto the Sell pile…

Step 4 // MAKE PLANS

After you went through your wardrobe write a list with things you need to replace (like socks, basics, underwear, knits) and pieces that are missing (like a classic Trenchcoat).

Give the pieces you want to donate to a local charity.

Throw away the trash before you change your mind.

And start selling your pre-loved stuff (more about it here)

Repeat that every 3-4 months for a perfectly detoxed wardrobe! Have fun!

 – In Collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

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