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I’m a ring person. While I tend to keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum (maybe a pair of hoops here and there) you’ll never see me without a bunch of rings! I’m talking stacking and layering! Here are 5 tips on how to stack rings like a pro:

COLOUR CLASH // Don’t be afraid of mixing colors – especially when you stack rings.
Rose gold & white gold is a fail-safe match but I prefer pairing silver with gold. Mixing metals keeps things interesting!

MIX IT // The secret of a good ring party is to mix different shapes and thicknesses.
Choose for example a bunch of barely there rings and wear them with a bit more spectacular pieces like a chunky ring on the middle finger.

CHOOSE AN EYE-CATCHER // Speaking of spectacular (the minimal kind, of course): I always choose 1 eye-catching ring per hand for
a well balanced look. May it be a knot ring, a double finger ring or something pearl-adorned – every stage has only one star, right?
Choose your hero piece and build everything around…

BUDGET VS. INVESTMENT // Although most of my rings are real silver or gold I like to mix them with budget pieces like gold-toned
brass or zinc. It keeps the stacks more varied and is more fun to play around.

TAKE 5 // Don’t forget that there are 5 Fingers to play with, so don’t limit yourself to only stack the ring and middle finger.
Try dainty thumb rings, a crossed band ring on your pointer finger (my fav!) or knuckle rings on the little finger. Have fun!

Wearing LUMO Knot Ring // Crossroad Ring // Black Diamond Ring

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