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I’m a ring person. While I tend to keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum (maybe a pair of hoops here and there) you’ll never see me without a bunch of rings! I’m talking stacking and layering! Here are 5 tips on how to stack rings like a pro:

COLOUR CLASH // Don’t be afraid of mixing colors – especially when you stack rings.
Rose gold & white gold is a fail-safe match but I prefer pairing silver with gold. Mixing metals keeps things interesting!

MIX IT // The secret of a good ring party is to mix different shapes and thicknesses.
Choose for example a bunch of barely there rings and wear them with a bit more spectacular pieces like a chunky ring on the middle finger.

CHOOSE AN EYE-CATCHER // Speaking of spectacular (the minimal kind, of course): I always choose 1 eye-catching ring per hand for
a well balanced look. May it be a knot ring, a double finger ring or something pearl-adorned – every stage has only one star, right?
Choose your hero piece and build everything around…

BUDGET VS. INVESTMENT // Although most of my rings are real silver or gold I like to mix them with budget pieces like gold-toned
brass or zinc. It keeps the stacks more varied and is more fun to play around.

TAKE 5 // Don’t forget that there are 5 Fingers to play with, so don’t limit yourself to only stack the ring and middle finger.
Try dainty thumb rings, a crossed band ring on your pointer finger (my fav!) or knuckle rings on the little finger. Have fun!

Wearing LUMO Knot Ring // Crossroad Ring // Black Diamond Ring

Rena said...

It suits you that you are wearing rings – personally I’m not that ring person I’m wearing only my wedding ring :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

MIRJAM said...

Toller Post – ich liebe Ringe, auch wenn ich sie leider selten (aus Komfortgründen) trage!
xx. Mirjam //

I´m impressed by Tom Wood rings (definitely eye-catching ring) ;) I agree with mixing various materials and colors ;)

iris said...

wie immer ein schöner beitrag! ich liebe auch dünne filigrane ringe :) und trage lieber ein paar mehr ringe als lange große halsketten.

hat mich sehr gefreut, dich letztens in real life kennen zu lernen. wo ich deinen blog doch schon so lange besuche :)

liebe grüße iris

    Liebe Iris,

    es hat mich auch total gefreut!! Bis hoffentlich bald wieder :)

    Alles Liebe,

Faby said...

Love the silver knot ring! What size are you wearing and what are your thoughts on the quality of this Lumo ring?