Editor's Letter | More on viennawedekind.com
Editor's Letter | More on viennawedekind.com

First of all I need to thank you for all your warmhearted and touching comments regarding the 5th birthday of VIENNA WEDEKIND! I’ve read every single comment from each of the 18 Giveaways and I madly fell in love with your funny and smart answers. It made me damn proud to have such cool and clever readers!!

This Giveaway month somehow brought me closer to you and made me get to know you a little. And the most important thing was to read about your wishes and favorite content concerning the blog. You’ve asked for more service oriented articles (like the recent how to detox your wardrobe), a bit more Interior/Beauty and private stuff. That’s exactly what I’m trying to bring to the table from now on. It was great to hear that you appreciate my opinion in fashion and my approach to a more minimal lifestyle, so I try to share as much style knowledge as I can.

The private part will be quite challenging because I’m used to keeping things private. I guess I’m just not the person for daily selfies or bragging with my dog (although who ever follows me on Instagram @viennawedekind will know that I actually have a dog called Matti) or my home. BUT I decided to activate SNAPCHAT (username: viennawedekind) to open a backstage channel where you’ll get intimate insights into my life as full-time blogger and creative human. PLUS: If you subscribe to my weekly news-roundup you’ll be the first to get exclusive previews & my weekly thoughts straight to your Inbox!

However, I’m bursting with ideas and inspiration and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Feel free to drop me an email if something comes into your mind that I should write about. Till then: Off to new adventures!


anne said...

Welcome to Snapchat! :)

Jil said...

Du wirst sofort mal auf Snapchat hinzugefügt :) Ich bin gespannt, dich auf deinem Alltag zu begleiten <3 Auf weitere 5 Jahre Vienna Wedekind!