Touche Eclat - The holy grail of concealing | More on #yvessaintlaurant #beauty #essentials
The holy grail of concealing | More on #yvessaintlaurant #beauty #essentials

I’m not the kind of woman who is naturally graced with flawless skin. I need help. Especially my inherited dark circles under my eyes is something I can’t change – even if I sleep +10 hours and drink gallons of water. My Panda Eyes are here to stay… Luckily there are some wonder weapons around to help us out!

When it comes to concealers there is one cult product all the Make-up Artists and Beauty Gurus seem to have in their makeup bag: The Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent. Rumor has it that this product is sold every 10 seconds worldwide! Time to investigate if this famous, golden pen is worth the hype:

The first thing I like is the handy design thanks to the slim beauty pen concept. It fits in every bag and lies comfortably in the hand.
Another good thing: The Touche Eclat is very easy to handle – just click it like a ball pen and wait a few seconds before you apply.
The concealer has a great, light texture that blends in nicely. Just draw a line under your eyes where the darkest part is and blend with your finger. Technically the Touche Eclat is not really a concealer – it’s a Highlighter. I never thought I would say this but highlighting and contouring can be a hell of fun. It’s like the color by numbers game, played with a golden pen…
There are numerous tutorials out there on how to do it – in case you wanna try. I’m still practicing but I’m already a Fangirl.

The bottom line is: Good things come in golden pens. Click click

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Every 10 seconds worldwide? That’s a pretty impressive claim for any beauty product in my books. I don’t currently use undereye concealer but as soon as I start needing it, this’ll be one of the first ones I try.

Nikki said...

Like the makeup bag. Where is it from?

Claudine said...

Ich liebe den Touche Eclat auch. Ich habe schon einige andere probiert, aber bin immer wieder zu dem KLassiker zurückgekehrt.
Das einzige Produkt was mir auch unter die Augen kommt ist nur noch ein Concealer mit einem ganz feinen Pinsel von Armani. Der deckt besser wenn die Ringe stärker als sonst sind.
Also: worth the hype!

Liebste Grüße