Things to consider when buying an Investment Bag | More on viennawedekind.com

Buying an Investment Bag should be anything but impulsive. There is so much to consider and a retail price for +800€ definitley needs some careful thinking!! It took me over a year to get my first investment bag, since I tried hard to choose very wisely. Here are 5 Tipps that will help you finding the perfect luxe bag:

First of all you should consider whether you like to invest in an everyday bag or in something more special (like a unique clutchbag for special occassions). If you choose a bag that can be worn on a daily basis don’t forget to keep your preferences in mind: You like to wear shoulder bags 24/7? Go for a crossbody bag like my new Université Bag by Saint Laurent! Or do you need more space for all your shenanigans? Choose a roomy Tote or Bucket Bag instead…

When it comes to buying expensive pieces, I would always recommend a neutral colour! Opt for black, grey or nude because these are timeless colours and can be worn with anything. Step away from Suede, Silk or Canvas because these materials are really difficult to manage. Choose a classic leather bag instead – it will last for years!

Things to consider when buying an Investment Bag | More on viennawedekind.com

In my opinion the brand of the bag is quite relevant, because the design should reflect your aesthetics. Do you already own a pair of shoes/ a jacket from your favorite Designer? Then the bag will definitely fit into the rest of your wardrobe! For example I love bags from Saint Laurent, Céline and Givenchy because of their understated, timeless designs. That absolutely matches my style aesthetics. I think Fashion is all about sending a message and I showing your personality – so let your handbag underline that.

Keep the hardware to a minimum. A studded or crystal adorned bag maybe isn’t something you’ll like for the rest of your life. Keep it simple and timeless.

Once you’ve chosen the right bag for you, start searching for it! In my opinion a luxe bag doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new. Vestiaire Collective for example offers hundreds of pre-owned investment bags that are as good as new. I found my Chloé Faye Bag at Vestiaire in a mint condition for a fracture of the price and I absoltuely love it! Same with my „new“ Saint Laurent Bag: After a 6 months search I finally found it at Vestiaire. So keep looking, girls!

– In Collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

In-greed said...

Hello there,
Thank you for this wonderful article, it was exactly what I needed right now since I am searching for a designer bag. I also thought that a pre-loved bag might be a good idea, since my buget is not unlimited, but, are you sure those from Vestiare Colective (and others alike) are original? This is
what kept me from purchasing a pre-loved bag.

    They are a 100% original – since every bag is quality checked by an expert! You’ll even get a certificate from
    the quality check. xoxo C

In-greed said...

Woooow! Thank you very much! I know What I’ll be doing this Weekend! But that bag! :))

In-greed said...

Aww, snap! I am really sorry about the mistakes in my other comments (e.g. the site’s name) – clear cases of autocorrect gone nuts and I was too excited to proof read. :))
I also wanted to say that I was reading your blog for awhile, and really enjoying it very much. Thank you for everything, you are truly and inspiration.

Very intersting, I am in hunt of perfect bucket bag!

Alice said...

These tips are so dead on; I take all these things into consideration even when I’m buying a $50 bag! Great post!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

Claudine said...

thanks for sharing your tips! I am a big fan of investment bags which is a constant shock for my bank account, though I think carefully about it before I buy anything.
I love preloved items as well, but nothing can´t beat the feeling when you go to the boutique of your choice and buy a new one. I did this this year in Paris and it was such a wonderful experience and I love to remember that special day.
By the way: I can really recommend Vestiaire and if you buy at a commercial vendor you have the opportunity to send back items you don´t like that much to keep them.