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I get a lot of questions from you asking me how I’ve found my own style, so I’m sharing some of my experiences today. In times of fast forward fashion with one It-Piece following the other, it’s crucial to find your own voice and style. Lots of the stuff in our closet is trend affected (influenced by media, celebs and well… bloggers) and it takes time to get to the core of our personal style. Here are some tips & tricks on how to find your own voice in fashion:

It’s so important to go with your guts and simply wear what makes you happy and confident. Learn from the times when you weren’t „yourself“. My first fashion week in Paris for example was a game-changing experience: I thought I need to wear bold prints and colours to attract attention and in the end it felt so wrong. It just wasn’t me. Now I know that I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing more subtle colours. And with comfort comes confidence! That’s why I’ve packed mostly black & white for Berlin Fashion Week (as seen on my snapchat: viennawedekind). Happy kiddo.

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Have you worn an Outfit that didn’t fully convince you? Try to ask yourself: „What was it that made me feel odd?“ Maybe you’re just not a skirt-girl or pastels aren’t your thing. Ignore trends – just wear what suits you! If you’re still unsure ask your best friend or partner about how they would describe your personal style. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

It’s essential to know what colours you like and what really suits you. Pick let’s say 5 favorite colours that make you most confident – mine would be black/white/grey/neutrals/blue. Choose your colour palette and stick to it, but don’t forget to break the rule from time to time.. TIPP: Sticking to the Three-Colour Style Rule makes things much easier!

Paperbag Pants & V-neck Top I Details on

I believe in the 30 seconds game, that I I made myself up a couple of months ago:
Imagine you’ve only got 30 seconds to choose 5 pieces from your closet. I’m pretty sure you would instantly grab your favorite pieces and that’s for a reason! Because you only have a couple of seconds to choose, you are heart-driven, which means you intuitively pick pieces that reflect your style & personality.. Play the game and you’ll know a lot about your style preferences.

Once you have found your personal style – start detoxing your wardrobe and you’ll feel so much better!

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