Summer Scent I More on

From my early days on, the olfactory world played an important role in my life. Growning up on the countryside I was blessed with thousands of unforgettable smells, mostly good ones but also some cheesy odours (think cow dung and burnt metal). However, the summer scent is and forever will be my favorite smell. For me that’s an unique composition of hay, figs, roses, warm wood, morning dew, ozone, freshly mown grass, water melon and lavendar. Whenever I smell some of these ingredients, it brings back oh so many memories!

Guess that’s why I’m obsessed with all these scented candles and heavenly fragrances I’m using on heavy rotation right now. What’s your scent of summer? I’d like to know!

LE LABO Fragrance // DIPTYQUE Scented Candle // JO MALONE Wood Sage, Sea Salt EdC
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