5 High-Summer Essentials I More on viennawedekind.com
5 High-Summer Essentials I More on viennawedekind.com

LEVI’S Shorts (similar here & here) / YAS Top (similar here) / UO Straw Hat (similar here) / CÉLINE Sunglasses / GUCCI Loafers

Go outside, close your eyes and get hugged by the summer sun. Broaden your horizon with new destinations and smell the scent of summer. On these boiling hot days you need nothing but these few summer essentials: denim shorts, airy tops and leather slides. I’ve been living in these Guccis since my work-detox weekend in London and don’t get me started on the best shorts on the planet! Scored those Levi’s on the web a couple of weeks ago and I’m obsessed. Oh if only the calendar would solely consist of high summer days…

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The top is stunning and the loafers, I’m starting loving them…but I’m sure I’d be unable to walk in them :D