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Over the past years as fashion editor I’ve seen so many trends come and go, but not every proclaimed must-have is for everyone. Sometimes we are confused by all the trends going on, that we kinda loose our own voice in fashion. Here’s a guide on how to be on trend without being too „trendy“:

It seems like every magazine, fashion blog or newspaper has its own trend forecast, which means that we’re confronted with hundreds of It-Pieces and Must-Haves. Try to get an overview of what’s trending next season (e.g. Velvet, Brocade, Pinstripes, Puffer Jackets) and keep your own aesthetics in mind.

Once you’ve got an overview it’s time to pick your favorite trends. Maybe do a little moodboard to stay on top of things. If you’ve picked too many trends try to reduce them to 3-5. Nobody can like everything (how boring would that be!) and it’s the same with trends. Don’t fear of being not „up to date“ by ignoring some trends. As I said: Not every must-have is for everyone ;)

Gucci Princetown Loafers & Fishnet Socks I More on

Being on trend means that an IT-piece goes along with your personal style and that it doesn’t look forced. That’s why you should start asking yourself some questions, before your buy. Let’s take the Velvet as example:

1. Is this really ME?
2. Have I ever worn something velvety before? If yes, did it make me feel comfortable?
3. How would I incorporate Velvet in my wardrobe (e.g. Shoes, Bag?)
4. What would my Best Friend say?
5. How likely is it that I’m done with Velvet within weeks?

As trends usually stay no longer than a few months I would recommend to buy most of the trend pieces at your favorite high-street store. Means: Save your money and invest in timeless classics instead! But if you choose to buy that Dionysus Bag or those Princetown Loafers (I pleat guilty) pick a colour that goes with the rest of your wardrobe. Choosing black is the best way to be on trend without getting sick of an item too quickly.

Gucci Princetown Loafers & Fishnet Socks I More on

GUCCI Princetown Loafers / ASOS Fishnet Socks / LEVI’S 501 Jeans
Jules said...

I love the 5 questions you wrote down! I used to fell in love with trends too quickly, so this guide is going to help! :)

JoliCloset said...

Very good advice ! (and those Gucci <3)

Tina said...

Wow love this article, definitely I’ll need to think more before buying :D haha
thanks for this one- love the questions…