How to get fresh inspiration I Now on

I’ve already shared some of my main sources of inspiration but as we are all constantly seeking fresh inspiration I thought why not sharing some new tips & tricks. Maybe you’d like to try one of them. Here we go:


Visit a museum. There are lots of great exhibitions in every city, just choose your favorite and get inspired.

Go to a dark and quiet room, maybe your bedroom. Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in and out. Just listen to your breath for 5 minutes and think about nothing (that’s tough, trust me!). You’ll not only discover how long 5 minutes can be but you’ll also get rid of all the stressful thoughts for a second. This will clear your head from all the uninspiring stuff.

Buy a magazine you’ve never read before (great ones are from UK, US, Scandi Land)


Enter a shop you’ve never visited before.

Put 10 pieces of clothing on e.g. your bed so that you get a good overview. Choose 8 of your favorite wardrobe staples and 2 rather new pieces. Also add 2 pairs of your favorite shoes (could anything from sneakers, heels, flats etc) and 1 pair you barely wear. I promise you you’ll get so much inspiration from this „new“ collection and there’ll be tons of new ways to combine those things. Maybe also add some bags or hats to your Edit and start mix & matching! Fresh styling inspiration guaranteed!


Book a weekend trip to a city you’ve never seen before (high on my travel bucket list: Rome & Barcelona)

Play tourist in your own town. Search for new places via the Geo Tags on Instagram and go there. You’d be surprised about all the great places you’ll discover!


Go to a bookshop (which is a source of inspiration itself) and stop in front of the cookbooks. Now pick one blindly and buy it. Try the recipes from page Number 8 & 21 (my luckey numbers). Enjoy!

Last but not least: Browse through Pinterest – that’s a major source of Inspiration! Feel free to follow me on Planet Pinterest for more fresh input.

Neele said...

Vielen Dank für die tollen Tipps!!! Besonders die Idee, dass man einfach mal im Dunkeln sitzt und atmet finde ich einerseits gruselig aber andererseits bin ich mir sicher, dass das mega viel bringt. Auch die Idee mit dem Kochbuch finde ich total cool! Muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren und in Museen sollte man eh viel öfter gehen. Liebe Grüße aus Freiburg,

Neele vom Modeblog

Jen said...

Tja…das mit dem Museen würde ich gerne öfters machen, aber hier in Vorarlberg ist es dann doch ein wenig eingeschränkt ;(

MIRJAM said...

Was für tolle Ideen – mich inspirieren auch Museen (und natürlich Pinterest) ganz besonders! Dazu kommen noch richtig tolle Magazine!
xx Mirjam //

Adia said...

LOVE this post! All of the tips are great, but especially the idea about creating a new wardrobe edit. It’s so easy to get into a rut.