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Long-haul flights can be quite challenging. The dry air and lack of fresh oxygen high above can cause dehydrated, tired skin and you’re stuck in the same clothes for hours and hours (we are talking 6+). I’m still searching for the ultimate flight routine but after a 9 hours flight to/from New York I think I’ve found some great skin savers I’d like to share with you. Here are some of my (beauty) tips & tricks for long distance flights, that will make your travelling a little easier:

Rule Number 1: Drink a lot of water. I’m talking (almost) gallons! It honestly makes the difference when flying long distance. Drink at least 1L before the flight and ½ l every hour on board. You will feel so much fresher when you arrive.

Try to nourish your skin before the flight, using a mild toner and a rich moisturizer. This will help you to keep your face hydrated and prepared for the dry mile-high air. I’m currently using the LA MER Moisturizing Soft Cream and KIEHL’S Cucumber Herbal Toner.

When on board I’m using ÀVENE Water Spray or the BOBBI BROWN Face Mist to refresh my skin. Avoid make-up, especially heavy foundation. You will look like a clown after a 8hours flight. Just carry some Mascara and Concealer with you and apply before landing.

My wonder weapon for many years has been the KIEHL’S Facial Fuel Eye Cooling Stick – it has the perfect handbag size and minimizes puffiness around the eyes. For long-distance flights I like to take the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream with me, it’s easy to apply and perfect to avoid dark eye circles.

Beauty Tips for Long-Haul Flights I More on

I always carry a lip care in my bag, especially when I’m flying. I’m using it a lot before boarding and try to keep my lips moisturized during the flight. My favorites are Rosehip Seed Lip Cream from AESOP and the GROWN ALCHEMIST Vanilla & Watermelon Balm.

A long distance flight is so much better with soft, good smelling hands!! Applying a pea-sized dab of hand creme is one of the first things I do when I get on a plane. It helps me to relax and calm down (I’m not really into flying…) plus it smells so good!
Favorites: YARD ETC Dog Rose Hand Balm / &OTHERSTORIES Fig Fiction Lotion

Comfy clothes are best for travelling. I prefer loose fit jeans, oversized T-shirts in soft cotton or silk, comfy sneakers and a cosy cardigan. Once you’re back on the ground you can easily swap the cardi for a nice blazer and heels and you’ll instantly look put together.

I always carry ear plugs, chewing gums, aspirin and a bottle of water with me. Some people also prefer a sleeping mask to relax. Also important: My favorite magazines and books to keep me entertained and kill some time. And don’t forget to carry extra underwear and a fresh T-shirt in your hand luggage, in case your suitcase gets lost…

What are your secrets & wonder weapons on a long-haul flight? I can’t wait to hear them!

Kathi said...

Oh ja der letzte Tipp ist fast schon der wichtigste ;) Ich habe auch immer ein extra Paar Unterwäsche und ein Shirt oder Kleid mit… Denn mein Koffer ist des öfteren schon nicht mit mir angekommen :/ Ansonsten verfolge ich ähnliche Tipps wie deine! Nur das mit dem genügend Trinken kommt leider oft zu kurz. Daran muss ich unbedingt noch arbeiten ;)
Liebst Kathi