Acne Studios Cony Boots - the perfect black leather boots I Now up on

A pair of black ankle boots is my ideal shoe choice for Fall and always worth the investment! They are perfect everyday boots, not only incredibly versatile but also failsafe footwear heroes throughout the colder months. My absolute favorites are made from smooth black leather with a pointed toe. Seems like my new Acne Studios Cony Boots tick all the right boxes: chic leather and a classic silhouette with a (cowboyish) twist. If you like to see them „in action“ you should check out tomorrow’s post…

ACNE STUDIOS Ankle Boots (similar here / budget here)


krystal lee said...

I know what I’m getting for this winter.

Hi! I was wondering, how would you say was the sizing? True to size? Also, would you rate the heel to be comfortable for day to day wear? Please let me know! Thank you :)

    They are true to size I’d say and I could wear them all day long. In my eyes the heel has the perfect height.
    Best wishes,

      Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have been eyeing the Jensen vs the Cony and for some reason, the fact that the cony have a zipper is a huge plus. Also, they aren’t seen anywhere much while the silhouette is very familiar to the Jensen.
      I’d also like to add that you’re the only blogger out there with a picture and an outfit post with the Cony and that’s massively appreciated!

        You can also have a look at MODEROSA – she has the Cony Boots in Snake ;)