Fall Beauty Secrets: A Touch of Bronzing Powder I More up on

As much as I love fall, I hate saying goodbye to that summer glow. I’m talking about this special touch of bronze on our face that makes the skin look much brighter and let’s say: happier. I’m no beauty guru but I sure know how to trick a tired looking face and get rid of dry skin and lips. My ultimate wonder weapon is adding a touch of bronzing pow(d)er onto my nose & cheekbones. It instantly adds more radiance to fall/winter skin. Here’s a quick guide to some healthy glow:

Fall Beauty Secrets: A Touch of Bronze I More up on

– Exfoliate and hydrate your skin first.

– Then apply your concealer/foundation.

– Choose a wide and fluffy powder brush and a bronzer that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

– Apply the bronzing powder to where the sun would hit your skin, like the bridge of your nose or your cheeks.

-Don’t overdo it – just add a bit of bronzer and make sure everything is smoothly blended

– Glow your way through November…

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