Trend Alert: Puffer Jackets I Details on viennawedekind.com

T long for a super warm jacket. Puffers are not just trendy outerwear but by far the warmest shell you could get! It is for a reason that most of the stylists on movie-sets always carry these jackets with them, to keep the actors warm. I can’t count the times how often I was wrapped up like a puffball while waiting for the next scene… Are you team puffer or not?

MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Leather Quilted Jacket
CARVEN Quilted, fiber filled puffer coat
&OTHERSTORIES Hooded Down Jacket
TOPSHOP Real Down Puffer 
MONKI Oversized Padded Coat

Photo. The Locals

alissa said...

ohhh, puffer jackets are si useful…:) love them…