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Time to face the ugly truth: we all have way more stuff in our closet than we could actually wear. Right? Right! In order to prevent further damage (and save some money) I’m trying to a) detox my wardrobe on a regular basis and b) make clever lists each season, containing the things that are really needed vs. things I’ve already have in my closet. Because we don’t really need 15 equal knits and a dozen same-looking boots, do we?? That’s why I’ve decided to share my Winter Wardrobe Checklist, containing all the essentials we really need right now:


A DOUBLE BREASTED COAT // The most sophisticated version of a winter coat. A wardrobe-must for every woman.
A WRAP COAT // Who doesn’t like to be wrapped up in warm wool when it’s super cold outside? This coat is the most versatile and carefree one, if you choose a subtle colour it goes with anything. My favorite would be a dark-grey or navy wrap coat.
A SHEARLING JACKET // You won’t find anything warmer than a soft shearling jacket. Still dreaming of the Velocite, oh well maybe one day…
A PUFFER JACKET // We’ve already talked about it: a puffer is a must this winter and will prevent us from freezing the most stylish way.



1 – 2 CARDIGANS // I suggest a longer and a shorter version in different colours or shades. I got the Acne Raya Cardigan in charcoal and lightgrey and it was the best investment EVER!! I’ve included some budget versions below…
1 BLACK TURTLENECK SWEATER // No winter wardrobe is complete without a turtleneck sweater. It is perfect for layering and goes with just about everything from skirts, pants, jeans.
1 MOHAIR / CASHMERE KNIT // The chicest version of knitwear is not only super super soft but also pretty warm. Totally worth the buy!
1-2 CHUNKY KNITS // Because there are lazy days…
1 HOODIE // I love wearing oversized Hoodies while I’m running errands or on a super stressful office day. It instantly makes me feel relaxed and it’s a great piece for layering too.


Building up the perfect Winter Wardrobe I More on


FELT OR WOOL PANTS // A chic and warm choice for the office. They look equally nice with sneakers, brogues or platform pumps.
JEANS // Denim not only adds some colour to your wardrobe, but also keeps you warm and comfy. My favorites right now are patchwork jeans or cropped high-rise jeans. Perfect when paired with ankle boots!
LEATHER PANTS // My go-to essentials when it’s freezing. Leather pants really keep you warm and also look very nice when paired with knits. Worth the money!
A FESTIVE DRESS FOR CHRISTMAS // Let’s celebrate and share some love in a nice dress. Best fabric choices: Velvet, metallics or lace.
CASHMERE OR JERSEY TRACKPANTS // for cosy winter weekends with hot chocolate…



2 GLOVES // 1 pair of leather gloves for the not so cold days and 1 pair of thick wool gloves for the big chill.
1-2 SCARVES // Wrap yourself in an oversized cashmere scarf and you’ll never be cold again! My absolute favorite is the Acne Studios Canada Scarf, which I bought in grey, it’s the softest scarf I ever owned! But there are amazing budget versions at Cos, &Otherstories and Selected Femme.
HATS & BEANIES // Keep your head warm with chunky beanies, wool barets or a nice felt fedora.
WOOL SOCKS // The true life savers when it’s damn cold outside…
SUNGLASSES // Unless you wanna get snow blind, you’ll need a pair of ace shades!



1-2x ANKLE BOOTS // No fall/winter without these footwear classics. My favorite ankle boots are the Jensen boots (really worth the money!!), I wear them for over 2 years now and they are so cool & comfy. But anything from pointed, studded, velvety or croc-embossed goes. Find a nice selection below.
1x OVERKNEES // These boots are the more sophisticated and feminine version of ankle boots. They look smashing over skinny jeans or with a cute little dress, keeping our legs warm and elongated. I’m still searching for the perfect overknees – any suggestions are welcome in the comment section!
2-5 SNEAKERS // It might sound weird but Sneakers with a good profile are my ultimate winter shoes. When it’s really cold outside I can wear them with chunky wool socks and won’t freeze. Anyway, one can never have too many kicks…
1x SNOW BOOTS // When you’re living in Alaska or Europe and Winter really hits you hard – the only shoe options to cope with the icy streets are snow boots. Not pretty, I admit, but still warm. And that’s what matters in December…
1-2x FANCY WINTER SHOES // Think pre & post Christmas parties, festive dinners and cocktail hours. It might be cold outside but not in front of the fire place. That’s when the fancy shoes read loafers/mules/pumps come into play. Preferrably velvet!

Building up the perfect Winter Wardrobe I More on

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