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NEW IN. I’ve been eyeing Mini Bags  for quite some time now but it took a while to find the perfect teeny tiny treasure. The minute I’ve discovered Little Liffner and its wonderful bag creations I was sold. Especially this little suede bag won my heart, with all its facets: the modern shape, the golden hardware, the soft khaki suede… Yes you’ve heard it right: Khaki. Not black. This color is such a perfect match to wardrobe and adds a pop of color to  my Winter wardrobe.
I couldn’t ask for a better bag to join me on all the upcoming christmas dinners & cocktail parties. So Ladies, get your xmas wishlists ready because there’s a new dream bag in town…

LITTLE LIFFNER Tiny Suede Bag  (more Bags in the Wedekind Edit)
Annora said...

Aah it’s such a lovely one!

Caroline said...

Love this! I’ve been totally converted to khaki this year and I think I suit it OK too!
This is a perfect size really and love the gold features.