Nike Air Huarache Sneakers & Acne Scarf I More on
Nike Huarache Sneakers & Acne Scarf I More on
Nike Huarache Sneakers & Acne Scarf I More on
Acne Scarf I More on
Nike Huarache Sneakers I More on
Nike Huarache Sneakers & Acne Scarf I More on

A friend is someone who is always by your side – someone you can rely on, who cheers you up, comforts you and shares exciting moments. And although you might not be in touch every single day, you know he/she is there when needed. Unconditionally.

With this said I think it’s quite legit to consider Sneakers as my friends, sartorially speaking. Just like my beloved Nike Trainers, that I wouldn’t trade for any super fancy shoe, sneakers are loyal closet companions. Especially when it comes to the current pre-christmas hustle, I can totally rely on my favorite kicks. Take the Nike Air Huarache for example: It’s spicing up any simple everyday ensemble while being heavenly comfy for running last christmas errands. And training wise (quick shoutout to my Trainer Niki) a sleek pair of trainers, just like my sock-like Air Zoom Strong, makes working out even more fun, right?

Nike Huarache Sneakers & Acne Scarf I More on

Reason enough to consider Sneakers as the perfect gift for every modern woman (and man) due to its versatility. And to be honest: nothing beats a fresh pair of kicks and the moment when you stick your nose into the fancy shoe box (or is that just me?) and smell the freshness. That truly makes me happy, cause it’s not only a shoe, it’s a footwear state of mind…

PS. For those of you who want to be on the safe side: that golden gift card is just one click away…

NIKE Air Huarache Sneakers // SELECTED FEMME Cardigan // FIVE UNITS Leather Pants // ACNE STUDIOS Scarf // MANGO Earrings // J.W. ANDERSON Bag // ACNE STUDIOS Beanie // NIKE Air Zoom Strong Trainers // NIKE Sports Top // NIKE Running Tights 

In Collaboration with Nike

Tessa said...

Du bist mittlerweile meine liebste Bloggerin, ich mag deinen Stil sehr!! Lieben Gruß

    Danke Tessa, das berührt mich total! Schick Dir viele lieben Grüsse aus Wien,

Steal4Style said...

Those sneakers are amazing!! Love your total black look. I usually wear total black when I want a casual and comfy outfit. Your style is so cool! Great outfit!