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Blame it on my love for symbols but I’m heavenly drawn to all things circular shaped. You can call me Monk when it comes to geometric shapes. I would never be able to pass a ring-shaped door knob without letting my fingers take a ride through the loop. Let alone walking by a crayon painted O(bstacle) or anything like that.

I guess in these tough times, with all the horror around us, we tend to long for unity and strength. And nothing symbolizes movement and togetherness better than a circle. No wonder the fashion world (and population in general) is currently obsessed with this symbol. Circle adorned shoes, pierced bags, belts, textiles – you name it. Here are some of my ring-shaped favorites (clockwise):

1. MANGO Wool Coat
2. J.W. ANDERSON Pierce Bag
4. TOPSHOP Leather Pencil Skirt
5. KIOMI Circle Leather Belt 
6. MANGO Ankle Boots 
7. SABRINA DEHOFF Circle Earrings
8. SIMON MILLER Leather Bucket Bag
9. SHASHI Circle Ring 
10. JOSEPH Lace-front sweater

Photo. Beaufille SS16

On another note: The Circle is one of my favorite books. Pretty intense!


    Danke, das wünsch ich Dir auch!
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Jen said...

schon die Überschrift finde ich fantastisch. Eine wirklich tolle Auswahl hast du uns hier geboten. Klasse. Liebe Grüße Jen