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January is usually the month of New Year’s resolutions, where we get to write the first pages of a new book and make plans for the upcoming months. But this year I’m not going to make any new resolutions and promises. In 2017 I want to keep things just like they are right now and this is why:

Last summer I had kind of a break down which was close to a burnout. I had to learn the hard way that being a girlboss isn’t just a big, fun, bloomy adventure. It is hard work (still fun though), sometimes exhausting with seven-day weeks and most of all: a challenge for your private life. I totally forgot about my personal time-outs and regular breaks from the fashion life. So facing this crisis in summer I made a few promises to myself:

1. Take regular time-outs
2. Establish your weekly home spa routine
3. Drink more water and try to eat healthy
4. Book at least 1 massage per month
5. Find a Personal Trainer

Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on
Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on

So after a much needed time-out in October I started my weekly work-out sessions with my Trainer Niki from Vitura Vienna. My colleague Nina recommended the Vitura boys (Niki & Philip that is) as they’re a young power team with a modern approach to personal training. My sessions aren’t just about loosing weight and getting in shape (these are nice side effects!), we are focusing on

– More Stability
– More Balance (= more happiness)
– De-Stressing
– Strength
– Endurance & Power
– Fitness and an overall wellbeing

Niki came up with a personalized training, mostly mixing strength (like arms, legs, shoulders) coordination, abs and a bit of HIIT (High Intensitiv Interval Training) to burn extra calories at the end of each session. It’s hard work but it’s fun too and I love a bit of a challenge anyway…

Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on
Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on
Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on

I know that Personal Training can cost quite a lot but for me it’s worth every penny. In the last 2 months my stress decreased big time and I feel more capable of dealing with the daily demands and the buzzing fashion world. I feel more balanced, stronger and most of all: happier. Bring it on, 2017!

NIKE Sport Top // Tights // Bustier // Sneakers // ADIDAS Jacket

Finding Balance: My Workout Routine I More on

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