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Last week I got to test-drive* the most beautiful and luxurious bags of all times: the iconic Constance by Hèrmes. Given the fact that there are so many wonderful bags out there, it’s really hard to find the one. But what makes the perfect bag, that is worth spending quite some money? Time to share my perfect bag formula:

The Perfect Bag Formula I More on
The Perfect Bag Formula I More on

Don’t get confused by too many trends. It might sound pathetic but really try to listen to your heart. That IT Bag, everyone seems to have, might be stunning, but does it really fit your personality ? Does it make your heart skip a beat? If the answer is no, it might not be the one for you.

Another important thing: don’t ever spend beyond your means! You can’t afford a Chanel or a Gucci? So what? You don’t need a Luxe Bag to be more valuable, stylish or more appreciated!! I’m serious. Luxurious goods are not worth plunging into debt.

If you still can’t live without that one bag: Save a little money each month. Less dinner dates, more home-cooked food or quit smoking → I’ve payed the half of  my first Saint Laurent with the cigarette money I’ve saved. Another cash cow: Detox your closet  and start selling your pieces at fleamarkets, start a Tictail store or upload them on Vestiaire Collective. That’s what I do when I have a special item in mind. Sometimes it takes a year or more, but Saint Laurent, Chanel & Co are timeless anyway, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get this bag, right? In the end it will feel SO MUCH BETTER if you’ve earned it this way, instead of going into debt.

The Perfect Bag Formula I More on
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The Perfect Bag Formula I More on

The perfect bag should be in sync with your everyday life. If your daily business requires schlepping a lot of stuff, invest in a roomy tote bag. If you like to have your hands free, a medium sized shoulder bag will be the right choice.

The quality is the most important thing, when it comes to finding the right handbag. Because we don’t wanna buy bags that fall apart within weeks, show visible scratches on the leather within seconds (biggest disappointment here: Mansur Gavriel, although I love my bucket bag to bits…) or that literally just can’t handle our busy lifes, do we? No. So start reading reviews, ask people who already own your dreambag, have a look on Pinterest and most importantly: go into the store and HAVE A LOOK! Check out the leather, the seams, the thickness of the (shoulder) straps.

The Perfect Bag Formula I More on

Choose a color that matches your wardrobe. In my opinion, black and neutrals are the best choices because they are timeless and go with just any other shade.

However, it might take a while to find the perfect bag for you but take your time and choose wisely. It will definitely pay off and you’ll love your bag forever.

MANGO Jacket // LYVEM T-Shirt // WEEKEDAY Jeans // MANGO Ankle Boots // HÉRMES Constance Bag @ Vestiaire Collective

*I can’t afford this bag, and it’s quite likely that I never will. But it was an exciting experience to wear it/touch it for one day. Thank you for the opportunity, Vestiaire Collective.


Oh, the bag is stunning :-) Thanks for sharing your experience ;)

Great job!
This post is so detailed and easy to understand.