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Nothing better than to welcome the new season with a beautiful new scent in the office and other heavenly smelling goods. I’m such an  olfactory hedonist – give me something that smells incredible and I’m forever yours… Here’s a little roundup of my current spring beauty essentials:

LE LABO 15 Figue Scented Candle // Sun-kissed fig with a note of blackcurrant in a thick glass vessel – need I say more? I bought this candle back in London and I’m obsessing over the scent. Plus it looks so beautiful on the office desk…

LE LABO Thé Noir Shower Gel // Another souvenir from London. I’ve already got the Thé Noir EdP and out of all fragrances this is the perfume I get the most compliments on. It’s a wonderful composition of bergamot, fig and extraction of black tea leaves. You have to try it!!

SHISEIDO Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask // Ok this mask has no odor at all, but it claims to be like a full night’s sleep in a jar. Definitely worth a try! I like the gel base texture and the non-sticky formula. Keep you updated about the results…

BYREDO Hand Cream Duo // I can’t stop sniffing the back of my hands, because these Byredo Hand Balms (launched in honor of Mother’s day) are pure heaven!! While BLANCHE smells like freshly laundered cotton, TULIPE smells like newly cut tulips on the first days of spring. Pure bliss!

Speaking of Spring Beauty Essentials: What are your current favorites?

Spring Beauty Essentials I More on

Alexandra said...

Never tried any Le Labo products but now I am kind of obsessed with their packaging <3. The Shiseido sleeping mask is so good ! It really works for my skin which was extremely dull !


Alexandra –