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As a passionate minimalist, I like to keep things simple. Not only fashionwise but also with my make-up routine. I hardly ever spend more than 30mins in the bathroom (hair-do included), because there are way more interesting things to do than camping in front of the mirror… But that doesn’t stop me from trying out new beauty products and different looks. Especially during my  home spa session I love to play around with new eyeshadows and lip colours. With the arrival of L.O.V. Cosmetics, a high-quality but budget friendly make-up range, here in Austria, I thought I’d share my super simple Spring Make-up with you. This Look is super easy to achieve and gives your face a glowing, fresh looking update in no time… Let’s get started:


It all starts with a good base and exfoliated skin. Don’t forget to use a  face scrub at least once a week for ultimate soft skin. Before I’m doing my make-up I’m using the L.O.V. Smoothing Lip Scrub (perfect base for lipsticks!) and an eyeshadow primer. I’m also using the new 3in1 Prime & Fix Spray as a base – it prepares the skin for the make-up and smells like fresh coconut. Yum!

5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com


When it comes to foundation I opt for light but even-looking coverage. My skin should look healthy and moisturized. The Serum Foundation has a air-like texture which hydrates the skin while giving medium coverage. Before the foundation is applied I’m using the Colour Correcting Stick to get rid of those Panda Eyes aka dark circles & redness. Next up: Apply concealer on the bridge of your nose, forehead, chin and around the eyes. Use your finger tips to blend it in well. You can use the foundation before or after the concealer – that’s up to you.

5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com
5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com
5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com


Brush your brows and use a brow pen, if you like. I can recommend the Eyebrow Designer Pen – it looks very natural and defines the brows within seconds. Next I’m using the LOViconyx Eyeshadow Palette in neutral shades. Trick: Apply the eyeshadow light to dark, which means applying the light colour over the whole eyelid, blend in the intermediate colour working from the outer corners of the eyes inwards and finally, apply the dark colour at the outer corners. Time for a beauty hack: For some extra shine I’m putting the rosebud lip balm onto the eyeshadow. Black Mascara on – and the eyes are done!

5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com
5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com


I don’t like bold lips but a touch of colour, like a subtle berry tone, is just perfect for spring. Mix a neutral lip balm with your favorite Lipstick and dab it onto your lips. Voila!

5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com
5 Minute Spring Make-up I More on viennawedekind.com


Finally apply some blush (I’m using the Healthy Glow Blush in Secret Apricot) to the apples of your cheek and some translucent powder (especially on your T-Zone) for a soft, long-lasting finish.

There you go! With enough practice you’ll have this routine down in five minutes flat.


In Collaboration with L.O.V. Cosmetics // Creative Concept: VIENNA WEDEKIND

Maja Harder said...

I am also all in for minimalistic makeup in the spring ! Everything should just feel really light – though I can’t live without a tiny bit of highlighter 😘

Hello Carola,

I love your hair in this post – how did you style it, and what products did you use?

You have a great blog, I always look forward to it!


Leni said...

Wirklich tolle Tipps! Bei mir muss es auch immer schnell und einfach gehen vor allem wenn die Temperaturen wieder steigen!
Leni von https://lenivienna.com

Effi Lind said...

Nice routine, I do almost the same, except for the foundation. I love the golden eyeshadow combined with blue eyes. Definitely gonna try that tomorrow, thank you for the inspiration <3