The Art of Packing: Travel & Packing Tips I More on

I wouldn’t say that I LOVE packing but in the years of travelling I’ve developed some useful packing strategies that make things easier. And suitcases much more organised. As I’m leaving for Copenhagen Fashion Week tomorrow (= time to pack my bags) I thought I’d share some of my trusted packing tips with you:


Before you start packing lay out what you think you’ll need. Think twice about everything you want to put in your suitcase and try to prepare the Looks in advance. For a weeklong trip you don’t need more than e.g. 2 pants/jeans, 1 skirt/dress, some basic T-shirts, 2-3 nice shirts and 2-3 pairs of shoes. And great bags & accessories to mix & match.

If you plan your Outfits in advance you will a) have less stress and b) avoid over-packing.


Start with your shoes, bags, books and other irregularly shaped items first. These heavy items will build the foundation and help to distribute the weight. One trick would be to stuff the shoes with socks, belts and underwear. This method will save you some serious space + it helps to keep the shoes in shape. Then put your shoes into dustbags to prevent scratches and damage.

The Art of Packing: Travel & Packing Tips I More on


Roll your T-shirts, Sweaters and other not too delicate garments to fill the gaps between the shoes and bags. It might sound weird but if you roll your clothes instead of folding it will prevent creases more effectively.


One of my favorite packing tips is to use tissue paper. It protects delicate garments like silk dresses, blazers and shirts like no other!! Simply spread out a layer of tissue paper then lay down your dress, add another layer of tissue paper in the middle and the fold it.

Another great investment: A handsteamer. Honestly, this tool is life changing!! I bought myself this steamer a while ago and always have it in my suitcase. You can steam even in the tiniest hotel room (you only need water and electricity) and your clothes will be wrinkle-free within seconds!


Always carry an extra pair of changing clothes (= underwear, socks, a fresh t-shirt) in your hand luggage. In case your checked-in suitcase gets lost (nightmare!) you have at least some fresh clothes with you.

What are your packing tips and secrets? I’m dying to know! // More of my travel tips at Refinery29

Anja said...

Seine Kleidung zu rollen, ist wirklich super und schützt vor Knitterfalten. Da ich generell nicht auf Last-Minute Aktionen stehen, packe ich meinen Koffer schon zwei Tage vorher, damit auch alle Lieblingssachen dabei sein können. Aber nicht nur deshalb, sondern auch weil ich dann einen Tag vorher, den Koffer noch einmal nachsehe und noch mal reduziere. Ich muss dabei sagen, dass ich im Camping- oder Strand- Urlaub keine Designerklamotten brauche, sondern eher nach praktischen Aspekten -wie möglichst viele Kombinationsmöglichkeiten – meinen Koffer packe.

Your tips have made the packing very easy. Thanks for sharing such nice tips over here. Keep sharing.