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When you need some quick refreshment

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is my wonder weapon on a boiling hot day. A colleague recommended it a couple of years ago and it’s honestly the most refreshing face mist ever. With the help of grape extracts, rosemary and mint, the spray is an ideal priming base and quick refresher. I’m obsessed! Tipp: Put it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir

When you need to get rid of those Panda Eyes

Staring A LOT into all kinds of blue-lighted devices (aka smartphones, laptops etc) automatically means you have to deal with dark eye circles. Or how I call them: Panda Eyes. Luckily there are some smart beauty helpers like the Kiehl’s Dark Circle Perfector, which instantly brightens the eye area and makes you look fresh again. Amen!

KIEHL’S Dark Circle Perfector 

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When you need to fight back those break-outs

I’ve heard so many amazing things from dermatologists and make-up artists about the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion that of course I had to try it myself. Thanks to my hectic lifestyle (especially during travels) my skin tends to break out quite regularly. Usually I’m fighting back with medical clay masks (= great stuff!) but the Badescu Drying Lotion is a real game changer. It shrinks blemishes and break-outs over night without irritating even sensitive skin. Must-have!

MARIO BADESCU Drying Lotion 

When you need to wash your hands (without water)…

To be honest: I didn’t know that there is such thing as rinse-free hand washes. But now I know and oh boy what a great invention! The magical handwash by Byredo comes in pretty handy, especially when you’re on the go. It gently cleanses your hands while hydrating and refreshing them, without that sticky feeling.

BYREDO Rinse-Free Hand Wash 

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When you need an intense skin recovery

Every once in a while I like to treat myself with a luxe face serum. This time I’m using the Chanel Sublimage L’Extrait, which I got as a very generous gift back at Paris Haute Couture Week. One single drop a day of this ultra pure concentrate repairs and recovers the skin, while bringing immediate radiance and moisture… This is the perfect treat after a stressful week.

CHANEL Sublimage L’Extrait

What are your trusted beauty helpers? I’m dying to know!

Claudine said...

Oh I definitely need to try the Kiehl’s Dark Circle Corrector. I am the mother of all Pandas when it comes to dark circles around my eyes and nothing so far really helped. So I’m really curious!
Thanks for sharing!

Love xo
Claudine /

    Mother of Pandas haha!! Made my day ;) Anyway, I can really recommend it – have at try!


Julia said...

Hi ,
i want to say thank you for all the very inspiring posts. My beauty staple is the clinique comfort hand and cuticle cream. It is a life saver for me, because my hands tend to be like reeeeeally dry especially in the winter and i find that it really helps also to soften the cuticles. First i was sceptical because it is not that cheap and I tried many many hand creams on the market (also dexpanthenol products from pharmacies – but they are so rich, only using them before bed..) . But it is unlike every hand cream i tried before, because it is like you would put a invisible glove on when it is soaked in to the skin. It is without any sticky feel on the hands and marks on your phone display ^^P but is really rich in texture. It is not perfumed but smells so nice, so win win.
Because all my beauty products for my face have to be unscented to not irritate it further. I hate reddened skin -.-. Also thermal water sprays are good for flights and dry air conditioned rooms – like my office. For that i found a spray from hylamide also very useful.
Second life savers are BHA and AHA lotions twice or so per week to help to keep breakouts at bay, also helps redness and dry patches. skin really chanced after several month with those lotions. At the moment i use some from Paulas choice.

So again thanks so much for the inspirations and have a nice week,


    Ah thank you for your lovely words & great recommendations! I also love thermal sprays, they are real skin savers on a long-haul flight. Concerning the dryness: I can absolutely recommend the Jeanne Piaubert Nourilys SOS Oil – it’s my absolute absolute favorite product in winter!!


Julia said...

Thank you :-)



Luisa said...

Den Struggle mit Panda Eyes kenne ich nur zu gut – die Augencreme hört sich wirklich sehr vielversprechend an – generell eine richtig tolle Produktauswahl!

Liebe Grüße
Luisa | Sparkly Inspiration