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A new season can change everything. It changes the way we dress, the way we eat and the way we feel. As we are heading into fall territory with cold winds, dry air and darker days, it’s time to not only prepare our wardrobe for the new season but also our skin. I’ve teamed up with the skincare brand Paula’s Choice  to share some tipps & tricks on how to prepare your skin for Fall:

Step up your hydration game and start drinking lots of water. It makes you feel more vitalised and concentrated, plus a well hydrated skin appears more plump and glowy. I know this isn’t an easy task and I’ve been struggling with it myself, but as soon as I drink more than 2 Liters a day (which shouldn’t be a big deal), my skin seems to improve significantly and I feel much more energetic. Surprisingly there isn’t any scientific evidence about the hydration effect on our skin but just give it a try!

How to boost your skin w. Paula's Choice I More on

As my Mom always used to say: go, get your vitamins! This also concerns our skin – I mean who doesn’t like a healthy, glowy face? I’ve been using the new Paula’s Choice  Resist C15 Super Booster for a couple of days now and was impressed by the immediate effect. The serum contains a highly concentrated form of Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and skin-stabilizing antioxidants to instantly smoothen and brightens your skin. The booster also helps to improve uneven skin tones and fine lines, which is always a good thing right? Just add 2-3 drops to your favorite moisturizer or use it alone.

Another great thing about this product: the small bottle comes in pretty handy, so you can easily pop it into your travel luggage or handbag. And it’s not tested on animals (none of the Paula’s Choice range) – which is very important to me. However, I can totally see why this Booster (which finally launched in Europe this month) is an absolute hero product in the U.S: It just gives our skin this soft and smooth appearance we all long for. Score!

How to boost your skin w. Paula's Choice I More on

Last but not least: eating healthy (it’s all about the balance) will definitely boost your immune system and get you ready for the colder months. Of course a bit of chocolate here and there is much needed soul food, but try to stick to dark choc for its antioxidant properties. Yummy!

If you want to give your skin an additional treat, then add nourishing masks & peelings to your beauty routine. I’ve been using face scrubs on a weekly basis (together with a relaxing bath) + currently using the Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask  for some extra hydration. Boosting Programme completed!

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Love the tipps <3 especially your mums advice with the vitamins :D Sounds pretty clear to me that you have to boost your body with vitamins from the inside and outside. Keep up with the great work. xx

Marina said...

such wonderful tips… :)