3 Great Moisturizer for Winter I More on viennawedekind.com

Saying hello to Winter also means saying hello to cold air and therefore dry skin. But it’s not only the face that needs a great moisturizer during the cold months – your lips, hands and even hair also long for some extra hydration! Time to share my 3 favorite beauty helpers, that’ll say bye bye to dry and keep you moisturized throughout Winter:

ROSEBUD Lipsalve
I can‘t even tell you HOW MUCH I love this Lipbalm!! I‘m not only using it to keep my lips hydrated, you can also mix it with your eyeshadow or lipstick. Perfect allrounder that keeps your lips super smooth and the new menthol/eucalyptus version gives me an even fresher feeling!

3 Great Moisturizer for Winter I More on viennawedekind.com

GISOU Hair Oil
I’ve wanted to try the honey infused hair oil for so long and finally got my hands on this amazing bottle. First of all: The oil isn’t as oily as expected – you can even apply it on your dry hair without risking greasy locks. You can use it as overnight treatment or as conditioner. The result is a well-nourished, shiny mane that looks moisturized and healthy. Plus: It smells sooo good!

CHANEL La Crème Main
Who else is bothered by dry hands throughout Winter?? I do my very best to keep my hands soft and smooth, so this new Chanel Handcreme is my latest obsession. It has such a lightweight, silky texture – my hands instantly feel moisturized thanks to the may rose wax formula. And don’t get me started on this genius design! A true stunner for every handbag

3 Great Moisturizers for Winter I More on viennawedekind.com

Esra said...

So tolle Produkte! Gerade jetzt, wenn es so richtig kalt wird, kommen solche Helfer wie gerufen. Am besten immer in die Handtasche werfen :)

Liebe Grüße, Esra