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We are knee deep into Winter and our skin feels like a sad ficcus benjamin, we forgot on our balcony as the cold kicked in. January & February are usually the months where my face suffers the most, delighting me with dry and blemished skin. I thought it would be nice to share my Winter Skincare routine with you and show you my current hydration heroes:

Step 1: Exfoliate
It all starts with a great face peeling to get rid of dead skin and all that jazz. I currently testing the Estelle & Thild Radiance Micro Polish which I quite like. It has a gentle peeling effect (my favorite is still the Dr. Barbara Sturm scrub) and my skin feels soft and smooth after the treatment.

Step 2: Mask-erade
The next step would be applying a rich face mask – which is an extra treat for dry skin. I loved this new Estelle & Thild Deep Cleansing Detox Mask from the beginning, especially the fresh, peachy smell. It actually smells like peach joghurt mhhh. Another great mask is the Black Olive Face Mask by Oliveda! 3-5 minutes power nourishment is the perfect preparation for the following step:

Winter Skincare I More on

Step 3: Extra Moisture
There is no beauty & make-up expert on earth that actually NOT swears on Embryolisse. This ultra rich hydration creme from the pharmacy is pure heaven on my troubled skin. Besides the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream this is probably my all-time favorite moisturizer for winter. I apply it 2x a day after my cleasing routine and it hydrates my skin in the most effective way. Highly recommended!!

Step 4: Serum Finish
Last but no least I like to apply a few drops of hyaluronic acid. As my Susanne Kaufmann Serum is almost empty, I started using this new treat from La Roche Posay: the Hyalu B5 Serum. I‘ve been using + trusting La Roche Products for quite some time and this is a great addition. The smell is soooo good and my skin feels instant relief after application. Amen!

I hope I could give you some winter skincare tipps and maybe you found something that’ll help you too!

Winter Skincare I More on