The moment you step into the sun
feeling these warm rays on your skin.
You look around and all you see is…
Blinded by soft orange light.
Then you grab
into your bag
and put these shades on.

For me Sunglasses are not only functional – they are a state of mind. Or a frame of mind, if you wish. Certain frames are linked to certain memories: A summer full of travels, a relaxing weekend in the countryside or hours spent at the local swimming pool – including fresh books and your fav pair of shades (most likely dipped in sun screen). Hiking with friends, breezy evenings at the fun fair or inspiring strolls through your hometown.

And after all these wonderful adventures, you’ll find traces of sand in your sunglasses case –
dried sea salt or grass stalks on the temples.

You see – sunglasses are much more than just eye protection. They are telling stories. Just like the brand-new neubau eyewear collection: Sigmund & Carl. Paying tribute to 2 iconic Viennese locals, Sigmund Freud & Carl Gustav Jung, the collection offers a range of modern, round-shaped (of course!) Sunglasses. Made in Austria.

What I love about neubau eyewar is not only their high-quality frames but also their very forward-thinking approach to (sustainable) design and culture. And here’s the link to Sigmund & Carl, both incredible visionaries in their fields. As a proud Ambassador of the brand I was invited to shoot some images for the new Lookbook and here you see the results. I tried to channel Sigmund & Carl’s Vienna (we are talking 1880) through a modern eye, visiting some historical places (like the Palmenhaus Schönbrunn or the Cafe Sperl) that are linked to these gentlemen.

So I hope you like the images (and the collection) as much as I do. Let’s have a summer full of memories and a bag full of awesome shades.

In Collaboration with Neubau Eyewear // Shot at the Palmenhaus Schönbrunn // Anzeige

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