The Fall Shoe Capsule Collection I Check it out on #fall2018 #fallessentials

As I’ve already mentioned in last week’s Editor’s Letter I’m currently trying to focus more on timeless classics and versatile basics that will bring us joy for years and years. The goal is to reduce my wardrobe to the absolute favorites that’ll go with anything, because we all have way more than we’ll ever wear/need. And our shoes are no exception.

I came up with the idea to create a Fall Capsule Collection, starting with my footwear. Shoes are not only necessary, they are also a great accessory to your Outfit but we definitely don’t need a closet full of shoes. I believe with some clever picks you can create a gorgeous capsule collection that will cater to your seasonal needs without getting boring.

I’ve divided my Fall Shoe Capsule Collection into Basics & Extras. Basics are shoes that go with anything and can be worn on a daily basis throughout the season. Extras are more trend-afflicted shoes and might only be for special occassions, but are still simple enough to be worn over and over again.

My list contains 8 basics and 2+ extras that will navigate you through Fall. I will give you detailed information about each shoe below. So here we go:

. Ankle Boots
. Sneakers (black and white)
. Strappy Sandals (nude and black)
. Mules (black or neutrals)
. Flat Shoes

. Cowboy Boots
. Two-Tone Boots

The Fall Shoe Capsule Collection I Check it out on #fall2018 #fallessentials

A black leather ankle boot is a real footwear classic and a must in my shoe capsule collection. Ankle boots are so versatile and timeless, which really makes them worth an investment. Once you’ve found a high-quality pair of ankle boots you’ll wear them for years and years to come. Always in my closet are the Acne Studios Jensen Boots. I actually got them in two designs – the classic black and black suede. If I had to choose between them, I’d go with the classic version but both are utterly comfortable. Another favorite of mine are the Saint Laurent Ankle Boots, that I got last year. If you are searching for more budget-friendly boots I can recommend you to have a look at Topshop or &otherstories. They have great, affordable designs that still have nice quality.


Another wardrobe staple that goes with anything from jeans to dresses and therefore works all-season long. Especially in Fall I just loooove to wear Sneakers, preferably with Knits and/or Blazers. Here I like to divide into classics and trend kicks. Classics would be my beloved Converse Sneakers (they work until it starts to get cold) and the Vans Old Skool Trainers (my absolute favorite shoe). Last year I got myself the Nike Air Max 97 and I’m obsessed with the design. You also won’t believe how comfy they are – I just can’t wait to wear them again.
Since every shoe closet needs a pair of white sneakers I’ve decided to buy the Vans Old Skools in white and I absolutely love the super chic appearance. When it comes to trend sneakers there’s definitely no getting around Dad Sneakers right now. I’ve decided to invest in a pair of Stella McCartney Dad Sneakers which honestly gave me some hard times aka lots of blisters at the beginning. But I really like the chunkiness and the extra centimetres thanks to the decent plateau.


The Fall Shoe Capsule Collection I Check it out on #fall2018 #fallessentials

Fall/Winter is the season of elegant Dinner Parties, Galas and other Festivities, which also means it’s time to glam up. Strappy Sandals are your go-to shoes on this occasion, always chic but still super simple and they’ll look amazing with Jeans too. Your capsule collection should definitely contain a pair of black strappy sandals but an additional pair of white or neutral ones would be a clever choice too. Have a look at Jimmy Choo, Gianvito Rossi or Asos, By Far & Toni Bianco for more budget friendly options.

By the way, I’m dreaming of these barely-there The Row Sandals, that are high on my wishlist ever since I first saw them. They seem to have the perfect height to handle and the most wonderful creamy shade. As I haven’t got a pair of white sandals yet I might invest in these stunners…

Mules are the perfect in-between shoes. When it’s still pretty warm outside (aka no socks needed) but maybe a bit too chilly for sandals. My seasonal favorites are the Chunky Mules from &otherstories – but for the Capsule Collection I’ve finally invested in the black Balenciaga Knife Mules, which I had on my wish list for ages… Pointy Mules look absolutely smashing with leather pants or jeans, so exactly my cup of tea. Side Note: I really adore Balenciaga Shoes, they are the comfiest when it comes to heels – my 10cm Knife Boots are unbelievably comfy and I’m usually the Sneakers kind of gal.

The Fall Shoe Capsule Collection I Check it out on #fall2018 #fallessentials

Last but not least: a pair of black loafers or simple flats will complete our Fall Capsule Collection. These flat shoes will make our feet happy at work but are also comfy companions during the weekend. Although I must admit that I haven’t found my dream pair of loafers yet. Any ideas?


As I said before, I’m allowing myself to invest in 2-3 pairs of not-so-basic shoes, that will spice up any monochrome Fall uniform. My first „extraordinary“ purchase are the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Cowboy Boots, which are quite similar to classic ankle boots. But with the metal toe cap and the more chunky appearance it’s definitely more of a trend shoe. But I love them so much!!

The other pair I have in mind are the two-toned boots from Céline. So good! I love the combination of beige and black leather and I think they are the perfect minimalist version of a statement boot. What do you think?

However, I hope this Capsule Collection Guide was helpful for you guys and I’d love to hear more about your Fall Footwear Collection. Please leave a comment below.

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