January Shopping Lust I Up on viennawedekind.com

With the beginning of a new year and a new month I’m kinda in the mood for some fresh additions to my closet. Things that will get me through the rest of Winter. Here are some of my January cravings: 

1. PETAR PETROV Wool Blazer
2. H&M Face Vase
3. BYREDO Hand Wash
4. ARKET Bucket Bag
5. EDITED Acrylic Earrings
6. RALPH ELISON Invisible Man 
7. JOSEPH Straight-Leg Jeans
8. NANUSHKA Fake Leather Scarf
9. ARKET Cozy Turtleneck
10. ALL BLUES Chunky Ring
11. &OTHERSTORIES Square Toe Boots

ph. by Phoebe Tonkin

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