New Directions

New Directions

Opening a new chapter of visual storytelling by creating a digital sanctuary for everyone who seeks unique inspiration.

Photography Patrick Boecker
Web Design & Visual Concept Studio VIE

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Over the past years I've received so many questions about the new digital era and how I see the future of blogs and social media. It's without a doubt that ever since I've started 7 years ago, so many things have changed. Not only for the better.  

Back in Fall 2018 I started to ask myself: do I still see myself as fashionblogger? Or have I morphed into this inexplicable phenomenon called Influencer, where people still don't know what this actually means. I've heard too many jokes – pretty sure my face will sink into a 100-year sleep if I'd hear just one more... 

My Blog has been my brainchild for over 7 years now and it opened doors I would have never expected in a million years. I met the most inspiring people (some I can even call friends now), got to travel to incredible places, worked with prestigious brands, landed on the cover of magazines, got to design my own jewelry and most importantly: It became my profession. Creating visual stories is more than an ordinary job. It fulfills me with every inch of my body – more than my former career as actress ever did. 

Likes and followers became the new currency, a social passport that prefers  quantitative success to creativity. 

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With the rise of Social Media Instagram became the flickering new powerhorse. We all got used to quickly scan our feeds for instant inspiration instead of taking a few minutes to read a full article. But what started as an exciting new communication tool slowly turned into a mind trap.

Everything became faster, shorter, easy to chew, and maybe a bit more uniform. The same filters, the same travel destinations, the same poses. Likes and followers became the new currency, a social passport that often prefers quantitative success to creativity. 

Don't get me wrong: I still believe that Instagram has a lot to offer. It is an incredible conversation starter and a great source of inspiration. But this clearly isn't enough for me. Because 1 picture does not always say a thousand words, Mr. Zuckerberg! I started to get bored by this fast-spinning carousel and boredom is the biggest enemy of a creative mind.

One picture does not always say a thousand words. 

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A new Chapter ⁄ more on

A new Chapter ⁄ more on

So my answer was and still is: YES, I am a fashion blogger. To open up a new chapter of visual storytelling, I've teamed up with the most creative minds in town, Studio VIE. Together we aimed to create a digital sanctuary for everyone who seeks unique inspiration. A place dedicated to simplicity, inspiring stories and timeless classics. Equipping modern women for their everyday life and help them built a timeless wardrobe with extraordinary accents... 

Come in, get some rest and enjoy the new

- Learn how to curate your own dream wardrobe + get exclusive Styling Tipps at the Style Guide

- Read the Journal to see what's on my mind, fashion and life wise. I will definitely share more personal thoughts in the near future, so make sure to have a look regularly. 

- See what inspires me from week to week at The Edit.

- Enjoy more multimedial content & short snippets from my Travels

- Dive into the Editor's Pick, my weekly shopping recommendations for all budgets, and if you wanna know what I've been wearing on Instagram – you'll always find the answer on

- Enter our new Studio to see what else we have to offer besides this channel (shopping tour, anyone?) and maybe we'll work together in the near future... 

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Last but not least I want to thank all the special people around me who helped me bringing my vision to life:

Thanks to Anouk & Christian from StudioVIE who created the most beautiful webspace – a wonderful new home for all my ideas and inspirations. You really understood what I was going for and well... You guys just totally rock!

Thank you Philipp for turning our ideas into pixel and codes. And for being patient whenever I had a nervous breakdown... 

Thanks to my manager Eva for always believing in me. Your unrestricted support means the world to me! 

Thank you

Thanks to all my friends & colleagues for being so mega supportive. And of course to YOU, my incredible community, for letting me inspire you! Your loyal support means so so much to me and I can't wait to share more of the good stuff with you. 

And most importantly: I couldn't do it without Patrick, the man behind the lense, and I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart! From Day 1 you've put so much passion and dedication into and helped be bring my weird brainstorms to life. Together we gave birth to hundreds of ideas, we grew, we argued, we laughed, we cried. You are such an important part of this blog and you have my deepest respect. 

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