Leather Culottes

Leather Culottes

Leather Culottes had been on my radar for a really long time now. Once again Daniel Lee is to blame, for infecting us all with a proper Bottega Virus

However, I've finally found a more affordable version, which to be honest still costs quite some money. But these Arket Leather Culottes have such an incredible fit & quality that I think it's definitely worth the investment. 

And don't get me started on that chrome-free* tanned leather - it is so incredibly soft that I almost feel naked... 

Leather Culottes

(chrome free tanning)


Silk Shirt


Envelope 1976

Rib Knit Tanktop


Filippa K

Croc Embossed Shoulderbag






*Chrome-free tanning means that a hide is converted to soft and supple leather using vegetable or synthetic extracts instead of chromium sulphate

I'm also crazy about this croc-embossed shoulder bag right now. So please excuse me, but you'll see it lots from now on... 

Silk Shirt   Envelope 1976
Tank Top   Filippa K
Shoulder Bag   &otherstories
Leather Culottes   Arket
Mules   Mango

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