Journal #1: Inspirations, Thoughts & New Things

Journal #1: Inspirations, Thoughts & New Things

I wanted to share some personal thoughts & inspirations for so long now and finally the 1st Editor's Journal is here! From now on I'll be sharing random stuff, interior bits & bobs, favorite places and my biggest inspirations. In Journal #1 I'll be talking about my house hunting, sustainability and new things I bought recently:


I thought a lot about sustainability in the last few weeks. I did an interview for L'Officiel recently and the editor asked me if I would consider myself as eco-friendly and in what ways I try to be more sustainable. I don't discuss this a lot on Social Media but I definitely care a lot about nature and our environment. 

Regarding Fashion: I buy less (you know that already) and prefer having a minimalistic wardrobe. If I buy one thing, I'll give one thing away (selling on my depop @carolapojer or donate). I focus on clothes made in Europe and I currently try to buy more sustainable fashion. On my last post I started to highlight sustainable clothes in the description, so you'll have more transparency. 

At home we try to buy as much organic and local products as possible, we also try to avoid plastic packaging (who else is annoyed that most cucumbers are wrapped in plastic??), reduced meat consumption to once a week, we don't drive a car and go by metro/tram instead (or we walk). If it's possible I go by train instead of flying but CO2 emmission is of course a huge topic and I try to fly less. But as it's part of my job, I really struggle here... Any ideas?

Tank Top   &otherstories
Seersucker Trousers   Arket
Shoulder Bag   &otherstories
Sneakers   Convers

a peek into my camera roll. current obsession: vintage cars & all kinds of chairs.


Patrick and I have been on the hunt for new minimalistic pottery ever since our trip to Lisbon, where we've fallen in love with this gorgeous table setting. After searching on- and offline for some weeks we came across the Pomax Series. Bought the coffee set at Heimweh Vienna and the dinner plates (see header photo) via Westwing. 

Also new:    
Scented Candle   Wijck
Cocktail Shaker   Bloomingville

More Interior bits & bobs: the By Lassen Kubus Bowl had been on my wishlist for quite some time now and I finally bought it for the office. Perfect to store rings and other jewelry. 


Last week Patrick and I had the most amazing Aperitivo/Date Night at the Atmosphere Bar with some major cloud porn. Definitely my favorite rooftop bar in Vienna, I love the view around the city center and the Italian/Austrian bites. Recommendation: try the "Der Einzigartige" Cocktail with Vodka, Aquavit, Pear and Honey. 

Wrap Shirt   &Otherstories
White Denim   Mango


We are still house hunting. During the past months we found out that the Viennese Housing Market is quite a tough one. Either the prices are ridiculous or the apartments are too dark/less green/too loud... A big trend seems to be building these soul-less lofts that look pretty but are very inconvenient. Well, I guess we have to keep searching, our ideal home is still out there... 


I recently bought this Old Leica LC-A to take some black/white pictures on the go. Reminds me of my good old days as photography student. I'm really into analogue photography again and maybe I'll share some photos soon. Would you be interested? Drop me an email or a DM on Instagram. 

TIPP: Finding Vivian Maier -> a documentary about the NYC based Nanny Vivian Maier who appeared to be an amazing street photographer! Love this docu so much. 


I bought this cookbook full of Israeli & Palestinian recipes and I'm obsessed!! We already made the Fig Tarte and the Onion Chicken and it was amazing. The book is full of background information about the culture and different regions and you'll find wonderful pictures in it. Recommended! 

Can't tell you how much I love Vienna in Summer. The light, the mood and the gentle breeze on my skin. 

Oh, and if you'll see a woman stalking your dog and taking pictures, that might be me then... Simply can't walk past Sausage Dogs, Whippets and fuzzy haired puppies without petting them. Sparks a lot of joy, to say the least. 

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