Editor's Journal #2: Trip to Berlin, Obsessions & Chanel

Editor's Journal #2: Trip to Berlin, Obsessions & Chanel

Here's a little life update. All about my current reads, travels & obsessions. 

Here's a little life update. All about my current reads, travels & obsessions. 


Been to Berlin for a hot minute last week and it's been incredibly inspiring, as always. I finally made it to The Store, which made me drool over all the amazing magazines and interior bits. And the resident Café is great too. 

Also recommended: Lunch at Chipperfield Kantine (one of my fav lunch places in Berlin) and Aperitivo at Mädchenitaliener. A glass of Bellini + fresh olives is just my favorite thing in the world. By the way: the truffle pasta smelled sooo good - have to try it next time. 

White Shirt   Arket
Necklace   Alighieri
Signet Ring   Mango

a very comfortable day look + a peek into my camera roll

Sleeveless Vest   Edited
Top   OrseundIris
Knitted Pants   Prada
Box Bag   Céline
Flip Flops   DC


I have this thing with green lately. Especially mint green and grey green totally won me over. And just like that I see it everywhere. From cars, to furniture to food... Do you have any color preferences right now? 

Another obsession is the new Alphabet Collection by Acne Studios. The Pendant Earring is already on my wishlist... 


I'm back in the reading game and I enjoy it so much! After finishing My Year of Rest and Relaxation I'm currently reading In Extremis: The Life of War Correspondent Marie Colvin. Would you be interested in a Book Review of my favorite books this year? Drop me a DM on Instagram

Joining the weekly HIIT Bootcamp with the Shaped by IB boys has also become a nice routine of mine. It's super hard and I'm sweating like crazy but I feel newborn afterwards. So so good + a great addition to my weekly training with Vitura


This week I've been invited to the Chanel Beauty Boutique Opening in Vienna. It's the biggest Chanel Beauty store in Europe (woop woop) and features the complete Beauty collection + fragrances + sunglasses. 

As you might know I'm madly in love with the Noir et Blanc Fall/Winter collection and you'll get it in the store aswell. 

Chanel Beauty Boutique Wien
Kärntnerstrasse 36
1010 Vienna

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